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Here’s where you put your pelvic pain
or sports injury behind you.

Doctor with Patient

We’ll get you back to doing what you love —
without surgery or drugs or injections.

We know, you’re frustrated. You want to return to doing all the things you love to do but can’t because of pelvic pain or a sports injury. That’s why we developed cutting edge treatments that not only work much faster, but also last. Welcome to LillyPT where everything we do has one main goal — to get you back to living your life to its fullest. Starting today.

  • Extra-special Specialty Care - We are experts in pelvic health, sports injury and wellness. So we know how to help you get better fast. Very fast.
  • Solutions That Are Cutting Edge - You’ll not only heal quickly, you’ll heal totally. We want that as much as you do.
  • Personalized, Warm Care - Here, you’ll be treated like family. And we want our family to get better as quickly as possible.

Your road to full recovery begins the
minute you enter LillyPT.

Our passion is correcting whatever is keeping you from a full, active life.

How can our specialists in Pelvic Pain, Sports Injury
and Advanced Physical Therapy help you?

What Our Clients Say

Because our practice is founded on personalized care, everyone we treat gets the results they want.

Doctor with Patient in Room

No two people are alike.
Why should their treatments be?

At LillyPT, personalized care is the only kind we believe in practicing. So, here, you won’t find cookie-cutter treatments or those ineffective methods that never really worked for you.

Instead, our all-natural, cutting edge approach will be tailored to your specific needs — all focused on healing your pain quickly, so you can return to doing everyone of those things you love.

That’s why we’re here, just for you.

  • We deliver a far higher level of personalized, premium care, because that’s what you and your situation deserve in order to heal faster, and completely.
  • Here we focus on what’s causing the problem, so we can fix it far more quickly.
  • You’ll respond faster to our all-natural, proven approach — which means you’ll be back to living a normal, active and pain-free life — quickly.

Our methods are proven,
natural and far more effective.
Isn’t this precisely what
you’re looking for?

  • All natural, proven, cutting edge treatments, tailored to your needs.
  • Premium care, delivered in the most personal, loving way because, to us, you’re family.
  • A boutique environment, where you’ll feel right at home.

We want you to get back to what you love doing as much as you do. So let’s get started!

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