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25 Things You Don’t Know About Dr. Lilly!

25 Random Facts About Dr. Lilly

1) I love cooking for friends and family and I make the best chicken dish with artichoke, white wine, butter sauce, dill and angel pasta.

2) I think that Physical Therapy is the best profession on Earth. To be able to heal the natural way, safe and with no drugs, injections, or surgery is nothing short of magic for me! This is why I hold 3 degrees in craft of Physical Therapy!

3) I am a night owl; this is why I don’t book patients with me early in the morning. Come later, and you will get much more out of me.

4) I lived in 3 countries and speak a few foreign languages. I traveled a lot, lived in few different countries and moved to the USA 20 years ago. I love traveling and learning about new cultures and places. Moving is not my favorite thing because I simply love being a part of a community and having friends. I consider Northwest my home.

5) I can’t stand clutter and hate commuting therefore, I keep my space clean and live four minutes from the clinic.

6) I believe if everyone exercised a little more kindness and forgiveness, the world would be much better place.

7) I consider myself not really technologically advanced, yet I managed to create Physical Therapy Education Station software with my daughter. I also update my personal technology to better, more complicated and more advanced every year. I guess that’s not too bad for non-techy person.

8) I have twin girls and they are 21 years-old now. My passion brushed off and both of my daughters are pursuing a career in Physical Therapy.

9) I have 3 Bichon Frises and occasional puppies… It is OK to call me a dog lady.

10) I moved to the USA as a refugee 20 years ago and had to start my life all over again.

11) I love gardening and nature. There is so much peace, tranquility and beauty in being surrounded by nature. Also, there is so much reward in watching your garden grow.

12) I love designing homes, and enjoy remodeling. If I wasn’t a therapist, I would be flipping homes with my husband. We would have “Lilly & Pete Flip or Flop” show.

13) My worst job was the position of a lab technician in Pathology Department in Belgrade. Pathologists made a bet I will quit within a month, but they were wrong! I am not a quitter even when things get really hard.

14) I have a passion for growing on both a personal and professional level. Everyone knows this, therefore, I got a ticket for the Tony Robbins conference from my husband as the anniversary gift. It was the best gift ever!

15) I write a blog every week. I am even writing a book about back pain even though English is my second language.

16) I don’t watch TV except for animal planet.

17) I live by 3 words: passion, tenacity and gratitude.

18) I haven’t had a plan B: I always knew I would be a Physical Therapist and that’s it. I applied to one program, one PT school (UW) and just once. No second chances, no other options. Got in with first attempt!

19) I love painting. Picture in our bedroom is painted by my hand.

20) People think that I have quite the good dance moves.

21) I read one book every week and learn something new every day. This is creating compounding effect and driving my growth and the growth of my team and my practice.

22) I have been married for 22 years and I am in the same relationship for 30 years because one of my values is loyalty.

23) I love smell of lemongrass and thyme. It reminds me of long summer days from my childhood.

24) I still live with my mother (or my mother lives with me). It takes some balancing but is not unusual in our culture to live in community with your parents and to take care of them as they get older.

25) I was terrible in Physics ( I consider 3.4 terrible) I had a nightmare for years about not being able to pass Physics Exam.

I gained a reputation as an expert in producing fast results in treating pain, injury and weakness. I have my Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy from UW, Mastery Degree in Manual Therapy, and has years of experience treating, training, and mentoring. I am the author of the soon to be published book “Back Pain Solution”, and the proud creator of the Physical Therapy Education Station software. I am the founder of Lilly Physical Therapy, LLC, the fastest growing outpatient orthopedic practice in Edmonds, WA. My special interest is in treating Woman’s Health conditions including pregnancy related issues, sports injury rehabilitation, and spinal conditions including back, SI joint, and neck pain.

If you would like to meet with me, I would like to offer you a free phone consultation with me. All you have to do is call (425) 224-2476 and one of my assistants will set up the phone meeting. This offer is for a limited time only, so call now!