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Get to Know Your Provider: Dr. Lilly

Lilly Bojic, DPT, MCMT, CEO

Graduate of University of Washington, DPT Program

Founder of Lilly Physical Therapy, LLC

It wasn’t always easy…

Life wasn’t always easy for Lilly. She had to walk through some deep valleys before finding her mountain top. Growing up in a country facing many economic and political challenges, was especially tough for her. Twenty years ago, on her 30th birthday, Refugee Resettlement Program granted her a second chance for life. So, she did what she had to for a better life, and fled from war-torn Serbia with all of her belongings, her husband, and twin daughters to the United States. With only $900 in their pockets, they settled down in a modest apartment complex with other refugees in Lynnwood. They didn’t have much money and that’s all they could afford. This was during a heightened time in war with bombing occurring in Serbia, so she was constantly fearing the safety of her extended family back home. She quickly realized that life shouldn’t be consumed with worries. Instead, focusing on hope, resilience, positivity and the way that people must grow to go stretch further in life was the only way to go. She would go on to rebuild her life revolving family, new friends, community, and would learn a lot about herself along the journey. She realized the power of her inner strength, compassion, determination, tenacity, grit, and the positive influence she could make in the lives of other people.

This epiphany led Lilly to dedicate her life to helping others…

Lilly was introduced to the profession of Physical Therapy early in life. Her mother suffered from severe low back pain and sciatica when she was in high school. They tried everything including drugs, injections, rest, and anti-inflammatories. The moment of hope struck when they sought help from a skillful therapist who guided her mom to regain her health, and ability to work and enjoy her life again. A miracle unfolded in front of her eyes, and she grew an admiration for this therapist and his craft. That was when Lilly realized what she wanted to do. She wanted to become a physical therapist. She received her first degree in PT shortly after (in 1987) and never stopped learning and improving in her skill.

Today, using principles she teaches, Dr. Lilly has gained a reputation as an expert in producing fast results in treating pain, injury, and weakness. She holds a Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy from UW, a Master’s Degree in Manual Therapy, and has years of experience treating, training, and mentoring. She is the author of a soon to be published book about back pain, the creator of a Physical Therapy education station and the founder of Lilly Physical Therapy, LLC, the fastest growing practice in Edmonds, WA. Lilly Physical Therapy holds values of excellence, impact, innovation, team work, loyalty, integrity, and growth. Her and her team have won two Patient Choice Winner awards, one Patient Excellence award and nomination for Top Doctors of America award in the last two years. Her special interest is in treating Woman’s Health conditions including pregnancy related issues, sports injury rehabilitation, and spinal conditions including back, sacroiliac joint, and neck pain. Lilly’s personal struggles and triumphs give her unique insight into her patients that not all providers have.

Lilly will be your personal health coach for the next few weeks so don’t be afraid to contact her whenever you need her. For a limited time only, Dr. Lilly will be offering a free phone consultation to a select number of people. If you want to get back to a life where you feel younger, more energized and confident despite your pain, injury or weakness, respond via email or call (425) 224-2476 and let us know your availability for a free phone consultation.