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Overcoming Self-Sabotage for Good


When it comes to achieving your dreams of living a better, more fulfilling and pain free life, you may come across a lot of detours, obstacles, and roadblocks in your way. These external factors in your life, as well as your environment and mind, set obstacles that must be dealt with

You may start experiencing self-doubt, have commitment issues, or refuse to acknowledge the actuality of situations. These things are important to watch out for because they can affect the outcome of your healing process.

Some self-sabotage behavior that our patients face, in the process of healing, is detrimental to the outcome of therapy. They may believe that the program will not work for them, that they don’t have enough time, or money. These attitudes cause patients to not commit, skip appointments, and not follow instructions. This will result in them missing the best benefits of physical therapy! Not only will this waste their time and money, but they miss out on the opportunity to regain their health, and reach their goals and dreams! This is why I want my patients and everyone else to be aware of the harmful effects of self-sabotage so that they are able to heal as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Self-sabotage can affect your chances for better life, fast healing, and achieving a higher level of health. Self-sabotage can kill your dreams, keep you away from success and cause you to fail. This is a problem that is much deeper than lack of resources, lack of time, money, skill or ability. Self sabotage has to do with your belief system, and if you don’t take steps to overcome self-sabotage, it will limit your success and cause you to fail.

So, how can you overcome self-sabotage? Here are 6 steps you can take to prevail over self-sabotage, and get your life on the right track to greatness:

1.Identify the pattern– Self-sabotage has a pattern, and if you learn to recognize it, you will be able to prevent it before it becomes a problem. Think about this: What stops you from getting a higher level of health and living pain free? What prevents you from becoming the best you can be?

Are you in pain for a long time? Is pain part of your identity now? Were you injured at work and have a hard time returning to job you hate? If the answer is yes, you might have a hard time letting go of pain, healing from injury, and living the life you deserve. You might end up sabotaging the process by not doing what you are supposed to do in order to get better.

Can you imagine life without pain? If the answer is no, make yourself imagine living a better life and know that you deserve it! When my patients create a picture of a better life and believe it is possible to accomplish this, they do whatever they can to get there and healing is a lot more likely.

2.Limiting Beliefs: Limiting beliefs such as, ”I can not get better” “I am too old,” or “It is a normal part of aging,” can hold you back on physically healing. So, face these beliefs and fears head-on and don’t let yourself believe them. If you believe you can not get better, nothing can be done, or you are to old for improvement, you will have a hard time committing. You have to change your limiting beliefs to give yourself a chance for a better life. Keep in mind that whatever you believe you can or can’t do, both are the truth. So, why not choose to believe you can succeed, get better, and live a pain free life instead?

3.Face your fears head-on– The fear of the unknown can be intense and can keep you from being fulfilled and happy. If you do nothing about it, it will prevent you from healing completely.

So, dig deep within yourself and ask questions such as:

-Why am I afraid?

-What is so scary that I can’t seem to overcome? etc.

Check your answers to these questions, and determine whether or not they outweigh your desires.

4. Always flood your mind with your goals– By revisiting your goals on a daily basis, your mind or consciousness becomes inundated with your goals. This will hinder self-sabotage to a great extent. You will experience a shift in your subconsciousness and be willing to accomplish your goals at all costs.

5.Be accountable to someone– Surround yourself with people that will encourage you to keep up with your program. We are here for you to share your successes, challenges, and re-evaluate your goals every week or month. Self-sabotage will still rear its ugly head, but you will have the willpower and space to deal with and move through it unscathed. You deserve freedom-based living; therefore, go for it without apologizing to anyone. Re-organize your schedule accordingly, take time for yourself and prioritize your healing.

We will keep you accountable by always keeping track of your attendance, checking your compliance with the home exercise program, and by testing your knowledge. We make sure you are adhering with self care rules, avoiding aggravating activities, and doing your part. If you don’t follow the program, you are wasting your time. We have our patients commit to their program, home exercises, and follow our directions to give them fast results.

6.Guided Meditation – Guided meditation is another way to fight self-sabotage. As you take time for yourself each day to meditate and focus on good feelings, your anxiety has a better chance of melting away. One of the most important solutions to overcoming self-sabotage is to take out some time for yourself, and focus on your own needs each day. Guided meditation is a great way to do this.

If you are self-sabotaging and need a push in the right direction, I would like to offer you access to my Guided Meditation Audio. For a limited time, I would like to give you the choice to purchase this audio for the low price of $5. I hope you will be able to take time for yourself and use this audio to heal emotionally.