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9 Tips To Kick-Start Your New Years Resolution Weight Loss

Weight Loss: New Years Resolution

When the new year arises, most people like to express the motto “new year new me.” As much as we want to follow this motto, it can be hard. Sometimes we just need that little push to get us there. Here are six tricks and tips to help give that extra push to kick-start your weight loss and start to make that New Years resolution come true!

Eat Breakfast:

Never skip breakfast! Breakfast helps kick-start your metabolism for the day. Without it, the body tends to work at a slower pace. Breakfast also helps avoid overeating in other meals throughout the day. The best breakfast is a well-balanced meal with fruit, protein, and high-fiber grains. It is also the most beneficial when taken as early as possible. NOT after work or a couple hours before lunch.

Water, Water, Water!

Most people are not drinking enough liquids. Water has many benefits on a day to day basis. Water has no calories, helps maintain good health, and helps give a feeling a fullness throughout the day. Other beverages such as coffee, soft drinks, sodas, juices, and alcohol are full of calories. An iced cappuccino alone has over 200 calories. That’s almost an extra two hours on the treadmill. Try to go for a cup of water with every meal. If water is just too bland for you, try ice infused with bits of fruit or lemon water!

Choose Whole Grains:

When you’re picking and choosing your foods, go with whole-grain, low sugar options instead of highly processed foods, specifically made with white flour and refined sugar. You will feel more full and your body will thank you for the abundance of nutrients that also help prevent health issues such as heart disease.

Be Active Just 10 Minutes More:

If you’re not one for exercise, adding simply 10 minutes of exercise to to your daily routine can help get you on the right track. If you’re a frequent gym goer, add 10 minutes to end of your workout. Just when you think you’re done, push yourself just 10 more. Exercise ultimately helps boost metabolism and increase weight loss. But remember to keep track of your progress as it helps you get to your end goal. Don’t let all your progress simply help you to validate your dessert for that night. Exercise is definitely a strong attribute to losing weight, but invaluable when not tied with a healthy diet.

Think About Your Motivation:

Take out a piece of paper and write down the reasons why YOU want to lose weight. You’ll be putting in time and effort and making big changes in your life. Is it for an increase in energy? How about to fit into those long lost skinny jeans from 5 years ago? Is it to gain confidence? What about simply bettering yourself and your health? When temptation begins to creep up and you can’t help but want a salty snack such as a potato chip, or sweet treat like a slice of cake, remind yourself of your motivation. Remind yourself of the progress you’ve gained and look forward to your future progress. Surround yourself with people who support your goal and accompany you to the gym or remind you of these goals. You are strong! You can do it!

NOW is the Perfect Time:

As the new year comes around, many people aspire to set resolutions. But do you make your resolution a true priority? Many compete with the excuse that the timing is bad. Work gets in the way, parties, friends, vacation, etc. Don’t let distractions and other priorities stop you from weight loss. With a well thought out plan, you can start your weight loss today! Keep in mind your motivation and attack your goals because NOW is the perfect time.

Lift First, Do Cardio Second:

It is known that those lifting weights before cardio helps wipe away more fat than those who don’t or leave a large gap in between the two. Lifting weights help increase metabolism and target specific muscles. Both are important but when combined create amazing results.

Eat Spicy Foods

Spicy foods, what? It’s true! Spicy food helps increase the production of fat-burning hormones which ultimately helps you lose weight. It is also shown in studies that foods flavored with cayenne help to decrease appetite and cravings for foods that are fatty. salty, and sweet.

Snack Post Workout:

Workout Studies have shown that those who had an after workout snack, like a 250 calorie shake, lost more weight and gained more lean muscle than those who did not. This is because the proteins and carbs help build muscle and support fat loss. It also helps repair the muscles and replenish energy. This is crucial for maintaining energy for the next workout or the day after. Examples of post workout snacks include banana’s with peanut-butter, hummus and pita, protein shakes, yogurt and fresh berries, tuna on whole wheat, and turkey and cheese with apple slices.

Hopefully these tips and tricks help you get to the desired goals you aspire and strive towards. But remember, none of them are possible without you believing in yourself. Throw away those doubts and temptations and be the best possible version of yourself possible. It’s not magic, just determination. You can do it!

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