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A Surprisingly Simple Way to Cure Spastic Bladder!

The Busy Professional Battling the Bathroom Blues

Kathy checked the time on her phone and rose in a panic. Though 15 minutes hadn’t passed, the urge to use the bathroom was too strong to ignore. Walking briskly from her office to the bathroom, she wondered for the hundredth time why there wasn’t a quicker way to get there. Of course, her co-workers stared as she hurried past, but she couldn’t pay attention to that. She needed to get to the restroom before – then she felt the tell-tale trickle down her thigh.

Despite the embarrassment, she hustled into the stall to clean up. Kathy sighed. How often should she expect to use the bathroom now? Every 10 minutes? 5? Maybe she should stay in here all day. As she sat there, her phone chimed, reminding her about her niece’s birthday. How could she even hope to enjoy a party when all she could think about was finding a spot closest to the bathroom and staying there for the whole time? Tears burnt the corners of her eyes. She swept them away with resolve. There was no need to live like this, she told herself. Tomorrow she will put an end to this, she’s going to see a doctor.

Listening to the doctor explain what was happening to her, Kathy breathed a sigh of relief. The words ‘overactive bladder’ was self-explanatory, but it was still good to hear that what she was going through wasn’t just in her head. Better yet, there was something she could do about it, and the treatment could start immediately. Her days of being afraid to leave her house were coming to an end.

An overactive bladder can cause a lot of embarrassment. Persons with this condition can suffer from trips to the bathroom that are so frequent; they will disrupt their social and professional lives. Some persons may even have persistent leakage, along with the overwhelming urgency of needing to urinate. Worse yet, you can have an accident if you’re not able to get to the restroom quickly enough. The question is – can you do anything about it? I have good news for you. Yes, you can!

What Exactly Is an Overactive Bladder?

An overactive bladder refers to the combination of symptoms that lead to persons urinating more frequently. The condition is typically marked by leakage, the need to use the bathroom during the night, and an increased frequency of urination. You’ll also experience urinary urgency, where it becomes almost impossible to delay the need to urinate. If it’s not treated, the symptoms will only get worse.

How Do People Develop an Overactive Bladder?

The causes of an overactive bladder can vary, but it’s frequently due to bladder spasm, stress, and weak pelvic muscles. For example, when dealing with stress, there may be frequent bladder spasms that lead to being unable to control the need to urinate. Unfortunately, one of the things we’ve found is that the stress of the pandemic has resulted in more people dealing with this condition.

Whether it’s the stress of dealing with the consequences of COVID-19, such as homeschooling and working from home, or weakened pelvic muscles from sitting for long periods, these factors can contribute to an overactive bladder. As an experts I can say that changing simple lifestyle habits such as drinking more water, less soda and stress control with deep breathing make a big difference.

What Can You Do About Urinary Urgency?

If you have an overactive bladder, it makes sense that you’d want to get relief as soon as possible. The good thing is that while you may not stop the issues immediately, you can do a lot to improve your situation quickly. The first thing you can do is visit your doctor to get an official diagnosis and a clear path forward.

In some cases, this will mean treating the underlying cause of your condition. That treatment could include treating issues that affect your bladder and cause spasms. In addition, persons whose overactive bladder is caused by a nerve condition may undergo procedures that stimulate the nerves. These types of therapy can make a massive difference in improving your situation.

Your journey starts with paying attention to what you eat and drink that can make your symptoms worse. For example, foods like alcohol, spicy foods, tomato-based products, chocolate, tea, coffee, and caffeinated beverages can make you experience frequent urination. So it’s a good idea to cut down on them or take them out of your diet altogether.

On the other hand, maintaining a diet that leads to regular bowel movements can help to make sure that there’s no unnecessary pressure on your bladder. While there are certain beverages you need to avoid, it’s essential to stay hydrated. Not getting enough water will cause other health issues that you may wish to avoid.

Finally, retraining your bladder and re-establishing control of your urges to urinate will be imperative to dealing with an overactive bladder. That’s where we come in. Using specific exercises to decrease spasms and relax the bladder while strengthening your pelvic floor makes it easier to get your frequent urination and leakage under control. Other exercises can also help with issues like urinary urgency and the feelings of needing to go.

Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Your Overactive Bladder?

While addressing the cause of your condition will be crucial to curing an overactive bladder, getting control of your bladder is also vital. So if you’re ready to stop worrying about where the nearest bathroom is and how to get there quickly, you should get in touch with us. We can assess your situation and guide the best ways to treat your overactive bladder.

Our treatment option includes a strong focus on comprehensive, high-end care to address root cause affecting your bladder health. This program is producing a 100% success rate and is reducing the tendency for frequent urination by 50% in only 3 weeks.

You can live life with confidence and no urgency.

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