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How Tearing My ACL Changed My Life….

How Dr. Sabrina’s Three ACL Tears Changed Her Life…

As a 15-year-old, ambitious, varsity soccer player, I took my forward position seriously and aggressively like many other high school athletes. During one rough game, I remember jumping up to head the ball. Suddenly, I came down with my leg straight and hyper-extended. The pop was so loud that the goalie nearby heard it and stared at me, confused. Not realizing I had a serious injury, I continued to play, but I could tell my game was off. As I attempted to strike the ball, I would fall over. My stability was gone. My ACL was torn and replaced by my hamstring.

One year later, I was back on that same field. Adrenaline was pumping and my spirits were high, that is, until I went in to cut. I had one big cut on the field to open up for the ball when I heard a large pop. This time I knew exactly what it was. However, I continued to play for six months with a torn ACL and meniscus. The pain was horrible and I had to do something about it. I had reconstructive surgery and my ACL was replaced with my patellar tendon.

Years later, I was pursuing my dreams of becoming a Physical Therapist while keeping up with my favorite hobby, soccer. I was playing indoor soccer on a co-ed league against semi-pro players. I sprinted down the field for the ball, planted my feet, and set up to kick the ball. At that instance, I hyper-extended my knee. I couldn’t believe it but my ACL was once again torn. Another reconstructive surgery followed, this time, an allograft method was used.

Soccer was a huge part of my life and when I couldn’t play anymore, I felt lost without my outlet. Going to my Physical Therapy appointments was similar to a sport-like environment. They helped me regain the skills I needed for the sport I loved: jumping, cutting, running, and planting. For these reason, I fell in love with Physical Therapy. I developed a passion for helping others and constructing fast and efficient recoveries so patients could return to the sport/activity they love again. Three ACL tears and three surgeries later, I was led to a career that I love: Physical Therapy. And more importantly, it led me to develop a revolutionary way to prevent ACL injury.

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