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Arthritis and How to Beat It

Arthritis and How to Beat It

Each person strives to be active, to feel young, and to have enough energy to enjoy life. However, there’s a common misconception that has been going around that some conditions are simply a normal part of aging, and therefore inevitable. I get patients all the time who come because they were referred by their Physicians but have little to no hope in getting their arthritis better because “You know, I’m in that age.”  They think that the damage is permanent, that not much can be done, and weakness, stiffness and pain associated with arthritis are here to stay.  Many of them also think that “taking it easy” will keep their  symptoms in check and prevent getting worse. However, this is not the case.

Osteoarthritis can affect anybody and at any age. The underlying cause is in all cases, are fault lines causing weakness and tightness. Weakness and tightness causes inflammation, wear and tear, and joint damage. Cartilage damage can progress to a severe level and require a joint replacement. Imagine, if you had a car with it’s axle out of alignment. This would cause tire wear and your tires would need to be replaced far sooner. However, simply fixing the tires, doesn’t fix the axle and those tires will require another replacement down the road.

The cold truth is that the misconception of arthritis developing with old age is simply that; a misconception. The older we get, in most cases, the less active we become causing our muscles to shorten and weaken, causing fault lines. As we age we progress to a more sedentary life style. Furthermore, the overarching general lifestyle of our society is changing to more indoor living, less physical work and more sitting. This is also causing more weakness, tightness, and wear and tear of joints due to fault lines. All of this, is results to Osteoarthritis becoming the leading cause of disability in our country as 54 million people are suffering from it.

You might be wondering… How can physical activity decrease arthritis symptoms? A recent Harvard study breaks it down in a way that is very easy to understand. Simply put, your joints become more resistant to stress through exercise. The muscles get stronger and fault lines correct so wear and tear is halted. Joint nutrition and lubrication improves. So, the next time you think about spending your Saturday being a couch potato all day long, think again. The less active you are, the weaker your joints, muscles and cartilage become, resulting in arthritis. (Carey Goldberg, 2017). You can read more about this study here

I know that most of you have tried something before, to fix the problem of joint stiffness and pain. I also know that many of you failed to significantly improve in the long run. Massage is helpful but it does not fix the problem. Watching videos on YouTube is helpful, but how do you know which one is the best for you? Chiropractic does not address fault lines caused by muscle weakness and tightness. I know you may have had a prescribed medication or recommended joint replacement. Medication and injections are just masking the symptoms and not treating the root cause of the problem. The cold truth is that some professionals and Pharmaceutical industries do not want you to get better on the long run because they want you to continue utilizing their services and products.

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