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Why Athletes Need Physical Therapy

Why Athletes Need Physical Therapy

Why Athletes Need Physical Therapy | By Kayleigh M

When you think of physical therapy, what comes to mind? More importantly, who comes to mind? Most of us would assume that those who are physically unable to perform fitness activities at a high level, elderly, or post-surgical patients are the majority of physical therapy patients. However, as the need for pain management rises, athletes are incredibly affected by a lack of conditional treatments. Finding the right treatments to avoid painful conditions can keep you performing at your best without any interruptions!

Functional Exercise for Strength

Most athletes are familiar with exercises targeted for protection and conditioning. Gone are the days of static movements with functional exercise! Physical therapy patients are regularly utilizing the power of functional movements with targeted treatment areas to radically heal the body faster. Surprised? Take advantage of this innovative new system during your physical therapy appointment!

Our staff are trained to stabilize physical issues while rapidly improving the condition and injury in less time than ever before!

Faster Recovery Times

Ever felt like a particularly tough workout left you feeling absolutely warn out? Recovery times vary wildly based on your hydration levels, dietary choices, and type of exercise performed. Finding the right balance between overdoing and underperforming during any form of physical activity can dramatically change how well you feel in the hours afterwards.

Physical therapy, including massage therapy, can alleviate pain and stiffness in the muscles within minutes, making your sessions a worthwhile investment as you build a stronger and healthier body!

Condition the Tissues

Athletes know the importance of ferocity in performance during physical activity, just as well as the care and conditioning of the body. Without a well oiled machine, no work can be done! Every time you exercise, tissues and muscles endure tiny tears that can build into scar tissue over time.

Injuries are a more dramatic scar tissue source, making mobility and stretching more difficult as the tissues build up in an effort to heal the body. Soft tissue mobilization, as well as our cold laser and manual therapies are all resources you can utilize during your recovery at Lilly PT!

Physical therapy is a fantastic tool to utilize in any active lifestyle and our clinic specializes in athlete rehabilitation, sports injuries, and more! Schedule a session with Dr. Lilly, our rockstar sports medicine doctor, to ensure that you’ll be performing at your best on the field (or the track) for years to come!

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