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Avoid Neck, Back, Spine Pain and More

Avoid Neck, Back, Spine Pain and More

With the booming popularity of driving accidents, it’s no surprise that many of us suffer from accidents (both minor and major). Forbes reports that, on average, you can anticipate filing a claim for a motor vehicle accident every 17 years! After a catastrophic event, organizing your legal and personal paperwork can feel daunting. Finding time to care for and heal your body’s injuries from the accident can be easily pushed to the side.

In the clinic, we see hundreds of patients who are dealing with car accident pain. From fender benders to incredibly painful collisions, we are happy to meet and heal any person seeking a greater health and pain free living. You do not need to suffer on your own while recovering from a motor vehicle accident! Learn how to incorporate healthier habits into your daily routine, including physical therapy sessions, to feel your best and reduce pain, injury and weakness rapidly!

Whiplash no more.

One of the most common complaints from car accident victims is whiplash, a sensation of tension and pain. During an accident, if your neck falls into whiplash, your spine and neck are severely impacted. Finding a therapeutic treatment to nurture the spine back into a healthy balance is key to preventing the long lasting effects of whiplash.

Our therapists are qualified to treat and heal whiplash related neck pain and tension with modern techniques and movements. Our sessions are designed to engage your senses with fun and challenging routines! Say “good bye” to boring physical therapy when you make an appointment at Lilly PT!

Chronic pain with no source?

Unfortunately, avoiding immediate treatment after any car accident is incredibly common. If you’re experiencing chronic pain and weakness, it’s likely that you are in need of physical therapy. The American Chiropractic Association reports that 31 million Americans are currently dealing with chronic back pain! Fortunately, your options for all musculoskeletal issues can be addressed with physical therapy! The industry has transformed over the last 20 years into a dynamic, multi-dimensional treatment option for anyone seeking relief.

From yoga to kickboxing, our integrative therapies are perfect for every age group and body type! You will find your stride in our clinic, working alongside talented doctors and physical therapy aides. Training and seminars are provided for our staff frequently to stay updated on the latest research findings for pain free living!