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Back Pain Sequence

Pain solutions DO NOT need to be painful, expensive, drawn out, risky or even complicated–DESPITE what many well-meaning medical establishments have told you.

No drugs, no injections and no wasted time.

At Lilly Physical Therapy we use your own body’s natural healing abilities and give them the little kick-start they need to start acting while correcting the problems that caused you pain in the first place.

Here are a few exercises that can help with most back pain situations.

Do these exercises in this order to get started yourself.

Level 1

Start with this video. They are very safe exercises for any level to perform. Watch and learn as Kathryn, our PTA, explains and shows how to perform each exercise to help relieve your pain.

Level 2

Watch and follow as Kathryn takes you through the exercises for level 2.

Level 3

Do this video last. Make sure you are strong and stable before performing these exercises. Watch and follow as Troy takes you through the level 3 exercises.

Read what a patient had to say about their back pain after coming to our clinic:

“After 2 years of suffering with severe back pain that was taking its toll on my entire life, I found Lilly PT. I couldn’t believe the improvement I had in 6 weeks of treatment. Everyone is so compassionate and fun to work with. Next time I deal with pain, I will be at Lilly PT – nowhere else!” -Ralene R. (Patient)

If you have been struggling with back pain and want to get back to living an active lifestyle, we have the solution for you. Our team has set aside time on Tuesday, November 6th at 6pm to hold a FREE back pain workshop. At this workshop you will learn the main causes of your back pain, what you can do right now to stop your pain, and much more.