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Banish Belly Bloat Now!

Banish Belly Bloat Now!

By Kayleigh M

Did you know that the average person consumes more than 4,500 calories during Thanksgiving alone (as reported by the Calorie Control Council)? With the excitement of the holidays rapidly approaching, digestive health is vital for an overall well being. Time with family and loved ones shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Feel your best all the way until the new year with our easy tips to banish belly bloating now!

Massage it out!

Seven out of ten Americans currently suffer with abdominal bloating and discomfort year round! During the Holiday season, when food is rich and decadent, this number spikes in response. Feeling heavy and lethargic? Book an appointment with an LMT to encourage the natural movement of digestion and reduce blockages in the digestive tract. Jamie and the rest of the Lilly PT team would be happy to incorporate digestive health practices into your home exercise routine and massages!

"Tip: Yoga postures that gently squeeze the abdominals, like Happy Baby pose, are perfect for quick relief at home!"

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

The human body is around 60% water, making this tip especially important for sustained health and digestive ease. When you become even 3% dehydrated, your muscle performance and endurance drops dramatically. In addition, dehydration can cause incredibly painful cramps due to the body being unable to process your food properly. Cramping, nausea, bloating, and indigestion are all signs that you may be dehydrated and could benefit from sipping a glass.

"Tip: Drinking half your bodyweight in ounces is a great starting point for water intake. For every 30 minutes of physical activity you perform, your body may need up to 8 ounces of extra water to stay properly hydrated."

Work on abdominal strength.

During your PT sessions, whole body movements are encouraged to develop healthy circulation and build strength from the inside. Dynamic punches and kicks are all designed with core muscles actively engaging, pulsing and stabilizing the muscles. What does all this movement mean? A greater sense of balance and strength from the center of the body! Digestion is a rhythmic, systematic movement that is only improved by exercise.

Tip: Ask Dr. Sabrina or Dr. Lily to walk you through abdominal strengthening movements during your PT sessions! You’ll find your new favorite exercise in no time.

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