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Beat the Winter Blues

Beat the Winter Blues

Winter is approaching fast! Does this remind you of last winter when you felt sluggish, tired and sad? Dark mornings, darker evenings, chilly grays days, and weak sunlight is a good way to explain the winter months. Weak sunlight during winter has often resulted in increased fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

The good news is there are highly effective ways to resist the winter blues. Here are some tips to keep you free from winter blues;

Regular Exercise

For a lot of people regular exercise can help in alleviating the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Engaging in physical activity causes your brain to release endorphins; endorphins can be easily defined as a chemical that makes you feel good. Through the release of endorphins, your mood will be elevated, and your energy increased.

Going for a run or taking a walk each day can impact you positively. If you have access to a swimming pool during this period, take advantage of it. Engaging in other recreational activities can also help you stay free from the winter blues.

Get some light

Winter means extreme cold weather, and because of this, people prefer to stay indoors. This is not helpful in beating the winter blues. The sun is usually weak, but getting even a small dose can be very helpful. Spend some time outside when the sun is shining. It helps in combating the symptoms of winter blues. If you’re unable to spend some time outside for any reason, light therapy is a good alternative. Use a light box that emits light similar to sunlight.

Be socially active

You don’t have to wall yourself up. Isolation can impact your mental health negatively. It is so important to stay socially active. This doesn’t mean turning up for every party you hear about, but it’s a good time to catch up with family and friends. Get yourself engaged in outdoor gatherings that will get you talking and laughing.

Eat properly

We all know that the holidays are a time for treats! You may be presented with a lot of sugary foods, along with having a strong craving for such foods. The cravings are real, but it’s important to cut down sugar consumption. Sugar can negatively impact your mental health and reduce your ability to cope with stress. This leaves you feeling anxious and very drained. Eating healthy will keep your energy up and help you beat the winter blues.

These tips will help you beat the winter blues and enjoy the winter months to the fullest. Don’t allow the dark mornings, darker evenings, and chilly grays days of winter to keep you in a sad mood. Get yourself up and out doing the things you love. Socialize with friends and family, turn up for some parties and other outdoor gatherings, create time to talk and laugh with friends. Meet new people and make new friends. By doing these things you are much more likely to beat the winter blues!

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