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20 Reasons to Exercise

20 Reasons to Exercise

1) Improves Your Mood

When you exercise, your body produces endorphins. These magic chemicals help make you happy.

2) Boosts creative thinking

Working out can help people come up with new ideas! There are some theories that some forms of exercise can help improve creative thinking by strengthening the parts of the brain responsible for it.

3) Gives you confidence

Working out will make you feel better physically and when you are physically healthy it is a lot easier to feel mentally healthy and confident!

4) Improves body image

Having a solid work out routine helps build muscle and burn fat, leaving a body looking tighter and more toned.

5) Improves muscle strength

Resistance training strengthens muscles. This will make a person stronger physically when lifting or doing other daily activities.

6) Improves sleeping patterns

It strengthens your circadian rhythms, promoting daytime alertness and helping you feel more relaxed at night, making sleeping easier.

7) Strengthens your heart

Aerobic exercises like jogging or biking are great ways to improve your heart strength. After getting into a routine it can help decrease your blood pressure and heart rate. It will also help improve your breathing.

8) Strengthens your bones

Resistance exercise improves bones density. This directly combats osteoporosis, preventing breaks later on in life.

10) Reduces Stress

Once again, when your body feels good and strong so does your mind. Click here to learn more about stress and its affects on healing.

11) Prevents Sickness

Regular exercise helps strengthen the immune system. This helps prevent colds and other diseases.

12) Increases sex drive and satisfaction

Getting in great shape can help improve sex drive and satisfaction by increasing stamina.

13) Lessens fatigue

Exercise has been proven to increase energy levels. Taking a walk instead of a nap may be better to boost energy and fight fatigue.

14) Increases sports performance

Strengthening muscles and practicing agility workouts will help with sports performance. The stronger you are, the more force you can put behind each movement, giving you the competitive edge.

15) Improves posture

Focusing on exercises that improve your “core muscles” can help improve your posture. That includes the abdominal muscles most people thinking of when they hear “core,” but it’s more than that! This includes all of the muscles in your back, the pelvic floor and diaphragm and the three layers of muscle that make up the abdominal muscles. Those three layers include your abdominal rectus, the transverse abdominals and your obliques.

The abdominal rectus muscle is the visible “six-pack” muscle you can see on some people. This helps pull you forward when sitting up.

The transverse abdominal sits just underneath your rectus abdominals and does the exact opposite. When you flex this muscle it helps brace your midsection, keeping it strong and sturdy, resisting being bent forward.

The obliques are the muscles set off to the side over top of your hip bones. These help you bend side to side when you’re standing upright, as well as resisting being bent side to side. They work like the stakes on a tent, pulling on opposing sides at once to keep you stable and upright.

15) Eases back pain

With exercises provided here at Lilly PT back pain actually decreases. Most back pain situations come from having muscle imbalances. Just like the obliques keep you upright as described above, all the muscles in your body are constantly pulling against one another to keep you stable and healthy. If one muscle is weaker than another, your body beings to droop in the direction of the stronger muscle. This always results in a painful postural issue.

We identify these muscle imbalances and help you to correct them, making you pain-free and healthy!

16) Improves skin tone

With increased heart rate during workouts, circulation is boosted, spreading oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, including skin cells. Regular workouts also stimulate the production of skin’s natural oils, so your complexion stays smooth and supple.

17) Has anti-aging effects

A research article from Oxford found a direct connection between regular exercise and cellular level anti-aging.

18) Helps with self-control

It is a lot easier to make poor decisions when your blood sugar is low and you are sleep deprived. Exercise will help you sleep better and be more disciplined with food, giving you more self-control.

19) Alleviates anxiety

By releases more feel-good endorphins and taking your mind off things, exercise can help alleviate anxiety.

20) Reduces feelings of depression

Both aerobic exercise and strength training have been proven to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. Read more here.

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