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5 Common Myths About Back Pain

Back pain is a health issue that is spreading all over the world, with millions of people suffering from different forms of the condition every year in the United States alone. Back pain causes more than physical discomfort. It hurts your quality of life and even you’re your confidence.

Back pain can make lifting or bending to pick up items almost impossible, reduce your range of motion, and prevent you from being active and doing the things you love. Something a little more less known is that back pain can also lead to mood swings, and feelings of anxiety and depression when left untreated.

Despite being a common health concern, many people complicate matters by taking and following the wrong advice about managing their back pain. Many myths are floating around about this condition, and we want to put those to rest. Here are five common myths about back pain that are mere misconceptions:

1. Exercise Causes Back Pain

This is one of the most commonly held myths about back pain. It might be correct for weekend warriors who don’t work out for several weeks and then squeeze a month’s worth of exercise into two days.

You can prevent exercise-induced back pain by working out regularly and priming your body for physical activity before going all in. Warm-ups and stretching before exercise will improve flexibility, circulation, and mobility. Practice exercises that work your back and core muscles and participate in cardio exercises for optimal physical fitness.

2. You Need Surgery to Treat Back Pain

This is a myth because surgery is not the only method of treating back pain. Several highly effective noninvasive treatment methods can be used to correct back pain. Physical therapy offers pain management plans that can be used based on the severity of your condition. Advances in the medical community and technology now make it possible to see any deformities in the back without opening it up.

3. You Need Narcotics for Severe Back Pain

For most people experiencing severe back pain, it is common to be prescribed medications. If you use narcotic-based medications, your symptoms will become aggravated, as these pain relievers excite more pain receptors in the brain. The result will force you to increase your dosage. It’s better to seek other options apart from pain meds. If your symptoms do not improve, talk to your doctor.

4. Spinal Injury Is the Main Cause of Back Pain

It is correct that spinal injuries can lead to severe back pain. However, back pain can be due to several other factors such as infections, degenerative spinal disorders, poor posture, overuse, and so on. It’s important to have your condition diagnosed correctly to ensure you receive the proper treatment for the type of back pain that’s affecting you.

5. Back Pain Is an Inevitable Part of Aging

While it is true that the body generally degenerates gradually as a person ages, this does not mean that old age should be a period of pain and discomfort. You can reduce the effects of aging by staying physically active with exercise. Engaging in activities that help you break a sweat can go a long way in keeping injury and back pain at bay. Low impact exercises such as yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates can help keep your muscles get strong without draining you excessively. It’s possible to age with grace without having to nurse back pain and other nasty health disorders.

Back pain is rampant among all the sexes and age distributions. But it can be treated and controlled. It all starts with having the right information.

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