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Dr. Lilly’s Journey to Soul Searching

My patients, family, friends, and mentor always tell me I should share more of my stories because people should hear them. Over the last few months, I have done a lot of soul searching so I can continue to grow and make a difference. With the three year anniversary of my company recently, I’ve been reflecting on why I started this company and I want to share it with my community.

I started this company because I wanted to be different, innovative and transformative. 

Everything we do and believe is challenging the status quo. The way we challenge status quo is by making our services substantially different, exceptional, innovative, effective and transformative.

We believe in thinking and doing things differently.

And we happen to provide Physical Therapy.

We help people become FIT, FIRM, FREE OF PAIN so you can be energetic, youthful and confident without pills, injections or surgeries.

Do you want to invest in a different life?

With that being said, why I am doing what I am doing?

Well, working for different companies in the past exposed me to different environments and gave me opportunities to gain experience and learn in different ways. At some point in my professional growth, I reached the level where I realized that further growth would be possible just under the umbrella of creating my own practice.

I always had this drive to do more and better.

I always had a passion to learn, grow and make a difference.

My profession was never a job for me.

I could not simply clock in and clock out, count my hours and forget my patients over the weekend. I was one of rare professionals who studied over the weekend, paid for classes I wanted to take regardless of continuing education benefits provided by the employer.  I always had more credits than required by licensing because I selflessly invested my time and finances in learning new things and growing my expertise so I can give more to my patients.

I knew at that point that my ideas, unique mission, drive for excellence, commitment, dedication and uniqueness require a different soil to grow.

To express what I had, I had to move in direction of creating my own home.

I knew I could do things better.

While other places focused on temporary solutions, my desire was to help people get free of pain forever.

I wanted to give people diversity of solutions and services to address their whole being, not just their body.

I wanted to give people solutions for problems nobody in the community would touch.

I wanted to give people opportunities to be not just a patient or a client but part of our family and community.

I wanted to make people free of pain, fit and firm without using their insurance or spending tons of money.

I wanted to be different, cutting edge and unique.

I wanted to use out of the box solutions, cutting edge technology and tools others don’t use and don’t even think about.

I wanted to create a place of excellence to give patients great care to meet their needs, wants, and guide them to reach a higher level of health regardless of insurance coverage.

I wanted to create place of greatness to give people jobs they can grow with (both professionally and personally).

I wanted to give my team opportunities, growth paths and fulfillment.

I wanted to empower my team to do their best, walk an extra mile, perform like real health care professionals and reach their personal and professional goals.

I have a greater mission in life and settling down with mediocre expectations and half-way results is not an option for me. Creating this practice took a lot of hard work, tears, sweat, sleepless nights, financial investment and growing pain. In return, I have received rewards of making a difference in the lives of many, in addition to amazing personal and professional growth. This is priceless. I am grateful for this opportunity and would not do anything else in my life.

SoftWave Therapy is now available at Lilly Physical Therapy. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.