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Lilly PT is a One-of-a-Kind Company

Being a woman-owned business founded and managed by a first generation immigrant and refugee, Dr. Lilly is a real-life unicorn in the business world where only three percent of businesses are owned by women.

What does this mean to you?

Somewhere between being a fervent entrepreneur and raising twins WHILE attending grad school, she learned how to work–hard. When working with Dr. Lilly you’re provided the very same drive and attention to detail to help you not only heal and leave pain free, but to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Passion comes first

Everyone “says” they want to help people, well we only hire people who show they want to. Each member of our staff is passionate about their work helping you reach your health goals naturally and holistically and we are all proud to spread the word about what we do.

We’re changing the world one person at a time.

We are a family of therapists

Lilly’s passion for helping people through physical therapy rubbed off on both of her daughters who are pursuing careers in the field.

In fact, one of them, Sandra, is the newest addition to our expert team of physical therapists here at LillyPT.

We keep our footprint small and care about planet Earth

Our clinic utilizes solar energy to help our environment. Dr. Lilly’s husband, the owner of Galaxy Electric, LLC, installed solar energy panels to help us conserve energy! Click the link to see more of his great work.

Our Results are Extraordinary

We provide much faster results than other clinics who use out of date methods. Our patients spend less time in therapy than anywhere else, lowering the cost of treatment. For example, patients with meniscus tears heal in 6 weeks with us instead of 3-4 months elsewhere.

We hold innovation in our heart

Cutting edge technologies and innovative techniques speed up healing and improve results and we use them all the time! Also, our team makes time for continuing education to stay up to date with new techniques and technology.

We’re always on the forefront looking for new and improved ways to bring you faster and more reliable results.

We create shifts in the field of Physical Therapy

We don’t stop with pain relief, we want to see you thrive!

If you want pain relief you can take a pill. At LillyPT, however, we are dedicated to going above and beyond to learn about your goals and passions–we want to see you achieve more, and are willing to walk you through the steps needed to reach your goals and live the best life possible.

We invest in the growth of our team

Unlike other companies, we support training for both professional and personal development of our team members.

We give back to the community and to the world

Lilly PT donates to people in need. We take part in fundraisers and donate to organizations fighting evil in the world.

One organization we are particularly passionate about supporting is Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit dedicated to actively combating child trafficking and sex slavery.

You are more than a patient to us

We call you by name, care about you as a person, and treat you like family!

Call 425-224-2476 today to schedule your consultation.