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Sunlight: 10 Minutes of It for a Happier Life

Sunlight: 10 Minutes of It for a Happier Life

For many years, we were told that only plants absorb and metabolize sun while we should cover up to prevent overexposure. But what you may not know is that human beings do the same as well to produce vitamin D. Several scientists have suggested that the health benefits of moderate exposure to sun contribute to longevity. According to them, the health benefits far outweigh the risk of skin diseases from overexposure.

Therefore, here are the reasons why ten minutes of sun daily sets you on your way to a happier life:

Exposure to the Sun Makes You Start Your Day in a Better Mood – When you wake up slowly to the rays of the early morning sun, what you may not know is that the natural light from the sun turns off the hormone that stimulates sleep, called melatonin.

When this happens, your mood and energy improve significantly without fighting off stress. You will also be more alert and less tired.

Sun Exposure Enhances Brain Function – A study has also established a link between cognitive impairment and exposure to the sun. The study implied that sun deprivation results in cognitive impairment, especially in senior women.

Another study also showed that short-term exposure to the sun increased the thinking ability and alertness of participants. This was due to the increased activity in the area of the human brain known as the thalamus.

Sun Reduces Cancer Risks – Clinical studies have linked the sunshine vitamin, i.e. vitamin D to protection against kidney, breast, and colon cancer. Cardiovascular, immune, and neurological diseases are also connected to deficiency of vitamin D. When you increase your exposure to the sun moderately, you can reduce the risk for these diseases.

The combination of vitamin D with other cancer treatments have also been discovered to improve the prognosis of patients. However, genetic, environmental, and dietary factors may conceal the influence of vitamin D on the human body.

Exposure to the Sun Alleviates Mild Depression – A condition known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) has been linked with sun deprivation. Seasonal affective disorder is common during winter months and is a form of depression. This disorder is also common among people who hardly spend moderate time in the sun but would rather stay in their offices and work long hours.

By exposing yourself moderately to the sunlight, the level of antidepressants in your brain increases and this relieves SAD as well as other types of mild depression. This happens as a result of the production of a mood-lifting chemical known as serotonin.

Serotonin is a transfer agent the facilitates communication between brain cells – otherwise known as a neurotransmitter. It plays a significant role in regulating emotions and moods. When there is a shortage of serotonin in the human body, it results in sadness or melancholy, anxiety and depression.

The sun’s rays on the human skin is a sensation like no other, though it is short-lived. This is why one should be happy whenever this event occurs. No matter how good or bad you feel at the moment, the warmth of the sun on your skin boosts the feel-good sensation in your body and mind.

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