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Lilly PT Podcast- Episode 2

We are so excited about our podcast this week. We had the very special guest of Joe Cunnane, Attorney At Law for Cunnane Law.

Attorney Joe Cunnane has a wide range of knowledge and practical legal experience in Disability Law, Personal Injury, Business, and Environmental law fields. Over the last 22 years, Joe has been focusing on disability and personal injury cases.

Prior to entering private practice, Joe worked as a bill-drafting attorney for the Washington Legislature. By working with the Legislators to write the laws of the State of Washington, Joe has an intimate knowledge of their meanings and intended purposes. Joe understands the complexity of the law and how to effectively use it to your advantage.

Dr. Lilly was in a car crash recently and realized that she had no idea what to do. She thought about it more, and if she didn’t know what to do, many others probably don’t know either. We invited Joe to come in and give some advice on this subject. Listen to the podcast for some great advice and tips on what to do and what NOT to do after a car crash.

Joe was kind enough to write us all a bonus.. for free!

Below is a list of the top ten things you should do after a car crash, and three things you should not do after a car crash!

Top ten things you should do after a car crash.

  • Call 911 – request police and emergency medical assistance if needed.
  • Check on yourself, passengers and other drivers for injuries, and seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Move your car to safety if possible.
  • Take photos of all car damage, and the other persons driver’s license and insurance card. Then upload the pictures to your computer to preserve the evidence.
  • Seek medical attention within 24-48 hours.
  • Contact your insurance company and place them on notice of the collision.
  • Follow up with medical care as needed and follow your doctor’s orders.
  • Every few weeks review your medical records to make sure they are accurate.
  • Calendar your injuries and impact to life so you have a record; and take photos of any bruising.
  • Consult with a personal injury attorney to make sure your rights are protected.

Three things you should not do after a car crash.

  1. Don’t give a recorded statement or sign a general release for medical records for the other person’s insurance company. Yes, telling the other person’s insurance company what happened and about your injuries is fine, but you do not have to give a recorded statement (no law says you must) and because it likely will be used against you in the future. Further, if you sign a medical record release they likely will go and get all your past medical records to use against you and invade your privacy.
  2. Don’t post on social media about your car crash, injuries or treatment. If you are in a lawsuit, the at fault party’s insurance company may subpoena your Facebook page. Place your Facebook on the highest privacy setting.
  3. Don’t “Gap out” on your medical treatment. Please follow your medical professional orders, if new symptoms appear, tell your doctor immediately, keep all appointments, and if you miss an appointment reschedule it as soon as possible.