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Dieting Vs. Lifestyle Changes

Dieting Vs. Lifestyle Changes

ABC News reported in 2012 that over 100 million Americans were on a diet. It’s no longer news that the weight loss industry is a multi-billion industry, raking in about $20 billion per year.

Products from supplements to diet plans promise to not only help you lose weight but to keep it off. Despite these promises, almost 70 percent of adults in America are obese or overweight as indicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Although diets may help you to get rid of some weight quick, lifestyle changes play a more significant role in your health and have a lasting impact on your weight loss goals.

The Difference between Diet and Lifestyle Changes

It is crucial for you to be able to know the differences between diet and lifestyle changes so that you can make the necessary adjustments to change your life, go back to doing the things you love, and be flexible, fit and feel young again.

Below I have outlined some important factors from each.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes have a more permanent way of achieving your weight loss objectives. It’s about changing how you live your daily life and turning the quick change into a permanent or long-term one.

You can think of it in terms of changing your old eating habits for new and healthy ones, or adding an exercise regimen to your daily activities, etc. These changes result in long-term weight loss because when you stick to a healthy lifestyle, your body and mind will show it.

A lifestyle change is about staying healthy, but does not usually give the quick results that are more evident when you “diet.” Lifestyle changes work more efficiently in the long run, and the results are everlasting.

It is also important to note that:

Lifestyle Changes Can Be a Natural Part of Your Everyday Routine– This involves cutting down the number of calories you consume and the consumption of low-glycemic foods into your diet. These changes eventually become a habit. It’s all about adopting healthy habits which promote health and weight control in the long term.

Lifestyle changes have to do with “balance” in life– It’s vital for you to discover balance in your life, as it is the key to making any long-term changes work. There are times when you may feel defeated or overwhelmed, but you can overcome these feelings with balance. You may indulge once in a while, but the goal is not to lose your focus.

Lifestyle changes, which are more holistic, are about changing the way you eat, drink, sleep, exercise, entertain, live, manage stress, etc.


A diet is usually a program that consists of changing your eating habits temporarily to achieve a weight loss goal. At the end of the program and after achieving your aim, it’s likely that you will return to your former eating habits. Diets focus more on food intake, while lifestyle changes incorporate other aspects that affect health and weight–such as working out.

Diets are temporary or short-term solutions with singular approaches to long-term, multidimensional health issues. Diet is gradually becoming a word that is hated as a result of the senseless diet plans or programs all over the place.

Low-calorie diets may affect your metabolism and hormones by knocking them out of whack since the human body needs calorie-rich food to stay healthy and run properly.

Lifestyle changes are more beneficial and healthy compared to dieting. Yes, it may involve incorporating a particular level of dieting, but you will be able to restrict the amount of junk or fast food you consume. The goal is to be healthy, feel better, and achieve your health goals.

Please read these amazing words from a past patient about how we helped him with a complete lifestyle change:

“You probably don’t remember me but I saw you several years ago for PT on my knee. I had gone to multiple PTs before and was told I would need to go for months, several appointments a week and I still would probably never be able to run again.

I followed their advice and spent a lot of money out of pocket without any results. I was told by other PTs that my body type wasn’t “right” for running and even had PTs shame me when I struggled to do an exercise because of the pain I felt, and pointed out another patient near me that was able to do it. (“She is 80, if she can do it, you should be able to do it”)
I thought my chance to be active was lost at the age of 30 and having a hurt knee was just my new normal. Then a friend referred me to you. Your kind, warm and encouraging nature plus your obvious passion for your work helped me tremendously. You helped me with your PT but you also helped me by your kind and huge heart. I felt motivated to lose weight and to become active again, despite the critics.
I have since lost about 80 pounds and run regularly. I even “beat the bridge” this year. Please know that you were instrumental in this. Even though I only saw you for a short time, you had a positive impact on me and my health.” -Michael H.

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