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How to Get Fast Results with Meniscus Injury

Your time matters! You can’t afford to burn hours unnecessarily by going to extra therapy appointments or to attend meetings where you’re only being told what you already know. Keeping this in mind, we keep our noses to the grindstone studying and implementing the newest proven techniques and technologies to help not only relieve pain but to solve the cause of your pain.

Impressive results with meniscus injuries

The meniscus is a rubbery C-shaped piece of cartilage in the knee that absorbs shock, protecting the bone around it. Meniscus tears, full or partial, are common injuries for athletes and especially common in women. Typically, most physical therapy clinics require at least four months to heal and rehabilitate a meniscus injury.

At LillyPT, we have a proven track record of patients fully recovering within six weeks.

How do we heal injuries so fast?

#1 First, we use cutting edge technology

Our M-830 cold laser speeds up healing while lessening pain.

Cold laser therapy works by increasing blood flow to body tissues that typically don’t receive much blood. Remember, nutrients needed to rebuild damaged bodily structures are all carried to where they need to be by your blood. If blood can’t or doesn’t frequently reach the site of an injury, it will take that much longer for the injury to heal. Stimulating blood flow to these regions increases the healing speed by encouraging your body to provide much-needed nutrients to the injury to help it recover and rebuild more quickly.

#2 Second, we use specialized movement therapy

Our therapists are certified in Multifunctional Movement. These exercises are specifically designed to help bring more power and control to the way our body performs functional tasks such as walking. We choose the most effective and efficient exercises to help provide stability to injured and weak areas.

Lastly, we cut out the fluff

At Lilly Physical Therapy, we will not waste your time with exercises or techniques that are not scientifically proven to give fast and effective results. Our team makes time for continuing education to stay up to date with the most current research and best methods possible.

Our no-nonsense approach reliably provides our patients with amazing results, consistently in record time. Just see what our patient reviews have to say about us to learn for yourself:

Stop reading about other Physical Therapy places!

You have found the place you need to go to!

I suffered a work-related injury to my back–torn muscles

and connective tissue. After a total of 24 visits to a different Physical Therapy place I emerged with somewhat diminished (but still significant) pain and a hunched back. I was convinced that was what the rest of my life looked like.

My wife was seeing Dr. Lilly at the time and Dr. Lilly thought she could help me. She gave me an introductory session (at a reduced price!) After that session I discovered that I had been misdiagnosed by my first physical therapy place. I had apparently been treated for my symptoms, not the cause. Dr. Lilly correctly identified the cause & after that, I began to improve. After that 1 session, I was pain-free for 3 days!! I got the o.k. for an additional 12 sessions with Dr. Lilly. Midway through that I began to be completely pain-free.

Another reason to choose Dr. Lilly for your Physical Therapy is that she has additional healing technologies (not just exercises) that I have not seen at other Physical Therapy offices. For example, Dr. Lilly has a type of magnetic therapy that my back just absolutely loved!! She also has cold laser treatments available (don’t be scared they don’t hurt and they really help!) The lasers focus healing energy into your body, where it’s needed. So you heal more rapidly and more completely.

All of the staff at Dr. Lilly’s are first rate and very welcoming and supportive of you during your recovery. Kathryn, the physical therapy aide is just wonderful. She will push you to your limit (whatever it may be) and then, when you’re ready for more, she will show you how to be stronger. If you’re ever lucky enough to get one of Kathryn’s messages you’ll be

so glad you chose Dr. Lilly’s. Kathryn is very skilled at trigger release massage–after one of her massages you’ll be feeling so much better. Dr. Lilly’s also offers “package deals” to save you money and, in addition, there are flexible payment plans available.

Need another reason? Dr. Lilly collects surveys from her clients on “best doctors and therapeutic associates in the area.” Should you need additional help outside of physical therapy in your healing, Dr. Lilly has an “A-list” of other skilled people in the area. For example, my wife and I found a skilled counselor for stress issues and a great naturopathic doctor thanks to Dr. Lilly’s help.

If you are in pain or need physical therapy, I urge you to contact Dr. Lilly’s office. Don’t be misdiagnosed at another location that treats only your symptoms and not the cause of your problems! Dr. Lilly has a wonderful sense of humor and an upbeat, motivating and genuinely caring attitude with her clients. Underneath it all though is a rock-solid belief that there’s nothing she can’t improve, and no one she can’t help to be better.

Mike D. – Edmonds, WA