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Get a Perkier Toosh While at Work!

Get a Perkier Toosh While at Work!

Fun Fact: Did you know that sitting for hours on end actually changes the shape of your hinny? Getting up every hour will not only promote joint and muscle health, but also keep that toosh nice and round.

Why do our bodies hurt so much more than they used to? Most jobs require a lot of sitting… a lot of sitting equates to more than 3 hours of the day. Why does sitting hurt? Sitting at a desk, looking at different angles to see a screen, craning the neck at uncomfortable angles, repetitive reaching, and improperly supported spine and hips can cause dysfunction. According to OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Administration), work station ergonomics are as follows:

1. Hands, wrists, forearms, thighs, and feet shoulder be parallel to the ground
2. Elbows bent from 90-120 degrees
3. Back and feet fully supported
4. Knees the same height of the hips
5. Keyboard shoulder be directly in front of you in line with hands, wrists, and forearms
6. Monitor directly in front of you at least 20 inches away, top line of the screen is at or below eye-level
7. Keep mouse close to keyboard
8. Speaker or headset for phone use and keep phone at a close reach to reduce repetitive reaching stress to the shoulder.

Click here for the OSHA Erognomic checklist for your work station: https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/etools/computerworkstations/checklist_evaluation.html

Three things to do to beat posture pain.

1. Get up every hour, take a quick lap, 2-3 minutes will make a big different. This change of posture allows for the body to relax and reset for muscle and joint health.
2. Practice some deep breathing, in through the nose, and out through the mouth to help get oxygen to you body.
3. Raise your shoulders up, roll them back, then drop them. This simple re-setting of your shoulders helps take the stress off of your upper traps and tight muscles.

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