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Put a Hold on Your Headaches

Put a Hold on Your Headaches

Daily headaches are a common part of life for some people, making it hard for them to get a full night of sleep, work, and drive. Headaches range from mild to chronic, but no matter the severity, nobody should have to live with constant head pain.

Headaches can be triggered by a variety of things – e.g., stress, insufficient sleep, traffic jams, late nights, etc. and most people use painkillers to relieve the pain. We want you to have alternatives to medication, so that you can prevent this pain and stop it all-naturally. There are 8 tips explained below that can help prevent constant headaches.

1. Stretches– You can engage in a few exercises such as neck and head stretches to help in reducing the intensity of a headache. You can start by moving your chin left and right, upwards and downwards. You can also rotate your neck slowly, clockwise and anticlockwise. Bend your neck sideways to both your left and right shoulders respectively as well. All these stretches help your neck and muscles relax, especially when a headache materializes.

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2. Drink water– Studies have shown that dehydration can have several negative effects on the human body, and one of them is headaches. Dehydration can also cause irritability and impair concentration. It’s advised that you drink a lot of water, as it’s proven to alleviate headaches significantly within a few minutes.

3. Use a Cold Pack– A cold pack or compress can help in reducing your headache. You can apply it to your head or neck area to slow nerve conduction, constriction of blood vessels, and reduce inflammation. So, get a waterproof bag and fill it with ice. Then wrap the bag in a soft towel. Apply to your temples, head, or the back of your neck.

4. Minimize chewing– Chewing gum constantly can create headaches and jaw pain. The same effect occurs when you chew the inside of your cheeks, your fingernails, or objects such as pens. Avoid gums, sticky, and crunchy foods as much as possible. Take small bites when eating. For people who grind their teeth at night when sleeping, you should talk to your dentist to see if it would be a good idea for you to use a mouth guard.

5. Manage stress– You should avoid noisy environments as much as possible if you have a headache. You can also leave your place of work a little earlier than usual or get someone to help take care of your kids or house chores. Do your best to minimize the parts of your life that bring you stress.

6. Relax– You can relax by breathing deeply, meditation, and visualizing peaceful images. This technique has proven useful for people who suffer some particular types of headaches.

7. Reduce alcohol consumption– Alcohol can trigger severe headaches and migraines. In addition to this, alcohol can also bring about cluster headaches in many individuals and is known to cause tension. Since alcohol is also a vasodilator, it widens the blood vessels, causing blood to flow freely, which can also cause a headache in some individuals.

8. Sleep– Sleep deprivation is very detrimental to your health and can trigger headaches in a lot of people. However, studies have also revealed that too much sleep can also cause headaches; this is why it is highly crucial for you to get an adequate amount of rest. Sleep for a minimum of seven hours, but no more than nine hours every night.

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