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How We Saved a Life

Over the years, I’ve seen many people who’ve been tremendously affected by chronic pain in their joints, pelvic area, hips, and back. Today, however, I want to tell you about one patient I had and how we helped her overcome the hip pain that had been plaguing her for years. Her story is truly an example of the kind of impact our treatment can have on our patients’ lives.

Her Chronic Pain Story

I first met her when she came into my office, seeking help for her excruciating hip pain. Her severe discomfort was evident from the way she struggled to move around – even with her cane. As we discussed her condition, I could tell how discouraged she was. She was worried about her quality of life, if she would lose her job because of her inability to get around, and if things would ever get better.

To make things worse, the doctor she’d been seeing had told her that her only hope was to have hip replacement surgery. It was apparent from our conversation that she wasn’t looking forward to that option either. That could have been because hip replacement surgery is usually invasive, has a lengthy recovery period, and doesn’t always guarantee that chronic hip pain will disappear. She wasn’t interested in going this route at all, and I understood why.

She was Shocked She Get Help for Chronic Pain

After being told that her only hope was surgery, my new patient could hardly believe that my treatment plan would help her. When I assessed her, though, I saw what was causing her chronic hip pain. I told her she was only dealing with a pelvic dysfunction that was associated with painful hip impingement. The result was the worsening stiffness and pain that she’d been living with all the time.

Fortunately, I had better news for her. My patient’s constant pelvic, lower back, and hip pain could be resolved with our breakthrough SI joint pain protocol. This protocol includes alignment correction in the body, advanced soft tissue and joint work, cold laser therapy, and working on functional movement, which deals with proper muscle and joint function. I assured her that she wouldn’t need the type of surgery that her doctor had recommended. Hearing what I had to say made her more hopeful than she’d been in months.

Her Surprising Response to Our Treatment

Based on her assessment, I knew she would be an excellent candidate for our protocols. As we worked together, her improvement was noticeable. Over time, she regained the ability to walk, climb stairs and work with no pain. There was no hiding that her physical health wasn’t the only thing that had gotten better. She was much happier than when we’d first met.

What she told me at our last visit still surprised me, though. With a broad smile, she said, “Lilly, you saved my life.” I was glad that she was feeling better, but I had to know what she meant. That’s when she went on to describe the deep and dark depression that her chronic pelvic pain had caused. With all that suffering, she had been thinking about ending her life.

I was shocked when she said it, but the truth is that physical pain affects your mental and emotional health too. Many people who are living with chronic pain also suffer from depression, anxiety, and emotional instability. These disorders make it even harder to cope with the pain they’re feeling. These persons can also have trouble sleeping, leading to more issues like other chronic illnesses and impaired brain function.

Still, I was honored to be able to save her life like that. It’s why we do what we do.

Why Our Treatment Protocol Works

Unlike traditional measures, we focus on a more holistic approach to treating our patients’ conditions. That process begins with a thorough assessment of each person, so we know if and how we can help. While not every case will be a great match for our treatment program, we have helped many people who didn’t think their condition would improve.

That’s where I started with this patient. First, I conducted what we call a discovery exam, so we knew what was going on. Then, after seeing what she was dealing with, we used our cutting-edge technology and personalized treatment program to help with her pain. As part of our protocol, we used hands-on therapies and proprietary exercises that she wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere else.

We don’t just leave our patients to fend for themselves when they’re outside of our offices, either. Our treatment for chronic pain includes a maintenance plan to help you manage your recovery, access to helpful tutorials, and a personalized care package that ensures our patients get the best results. We’re different, and our clients love us for it.

Are You Ready to Get Rid of Pain Forever?

If you’ve been living with chronic pain, you should get in touch with us. We can offer effective treatment options for pelvic pain, SI joint pain, back pain, hip pain, chronic pain, HS strain, and pubic pain, among other conditions. While many doctors may suggest having surgery, there are natural methods that can restore your pain-free life.

That’s why we choose to focus on the non-surgical aspect of care, and our patients have been experiencing extraordinary results. These results are directly related to the way we tackle the root cause of the pain and the issues that arise from your chronic condition.

My patient said that I saved her life. Don’t you deserve the same kind of treatment? Wouldn’t it be nice to be free from the physical and mental pain that comes from a chronic condition? You can start by scheduling a discovery exam to see if you benefit from our unique pelvic pain program. Our patients had seen success even when other treatment programs didn’t help. Call us today at 425-224-2476.