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Insurance Coverage: Mistakes, Myths, and Misconceptions

My care will be covered because my doctor gave me a prescription.

Your doctor giving you a prescription is not a guarantee of payment. This is because the payer is not an MD, it’s the insurance company.

Should I do an MRI to know if I need PT?

The cost of an MRI is between $2000- $3000. An MRI is a very expensive test, and not always necessary. In a lot of cases it doesn’t end up giving very much important information. An MRI is not recommended for low back pain due to low coloration in between

Physical Therapy should be for free and 100% covered by insurance.

Even though we agree, this is not the case. Most insurance companies nowadays transfer the cost of the care to you in forms of high deductibles, and some kind of co-pay and co-insurance.

If insurance does not cover for this, I will postpone the treatment.

Postponing treatment because of insurance coverage can cost you much more. Injury can progress to muscle tears, result in expensive surgeries, and cost you your quality of life, loss of income and disability. We have affordable, no interest payment plans to help you treat your injury! We can go as low as $100/month depending on financial hardship.

I have to go inside of network to get the most affordable care.

Very often this is NOT TRUE. Our cash package often cost just a few dollars more (e.g. less then $10), and you will get much better quality of care. Second, you will be saving money by getting faster results and using less treatment sessions to recover. Third, very many in-network clinics have a long line to wait in, costing you loss of quality of life while waiting for care to be initiated. This is also placing you at risk of developing chronic pain which is costly and hard to treat.

I have insurance, why is laser not covered?

The climate for insurances has changed, and in result they don’t cover very many services anymore. We offer affordable packages to help you get the benefits of this cutting edge technology.

Is Physical Therapy affordable?

Absolutely. Depending on the complexity of your condition, treatment can be anywhere from $20-$83. Most of our patients feel better by their very first session. We have affordable cash packages for patients with high deductibles, and we always make it work.

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