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How a Good Mattress Can Help Lower Back Pain

How a Good Mattress Can Help Lower Back Pain

By: Sandra Bojic

Some mornings you wake up, muscles sore and stiff, and the rest of the day feels like an impossible conquering. mattressThat is when you should consider getting a new mattress. The wrong mattress is promoting a poor sleeping posture, and leaving the spine misaligned. You may as well turn into Dr. Jekyll by the morning. In contrast, a supportive mattress should support your curves and align the spine properly. Low back pain is manageable and comfort, attainable. Research has indicated that changing your mattress between 5-8 years is ideal.

Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing your next mattress.

  1. Comfort is Key: Personal preference will take verdict over everything. You want to make sure that this is the mattress you want to spend the rest of your nights with. A match made in dream heaven. Overall, your body will let you know if a mattress is being supportive or not.
  1. One size does not fit all: Just like how a couch may be comfortable to a petite ballerina but not to an over 6-foot basketball player, comfort is adjustable and in variety. There is not one mattress that is “perfect” for everyone. When picking out your next mattress, make sure to check the dimensions of your room and old mattress. The size should fit both the room and the person.
  1. Floating: Don’t let your mattress drown you. However, a stiff mattress isn’t the way to go either. Goldie Locks had the right idea when choosing which bed to sleep on; a “just right” fit. A mattress in which is too firm can irritate pressure points on the bed. “Medium-firm” is the best way to go as it allows your body to sink in slightly and accommodates the neck and spine nicely.

Overall, a good night’s sleep can leave you in a better mood, increase focus, raise energy levels, help with weight loss, memory and so much more. Figuring out which mattress is best for you is not set in stone. Here at Lilly Physical Therapy, we recommend Sealy. When at the store, make sure to ask specific questions in relation to any body or comfort issues you have. For example, “what mattress will keep me from tossing and turning?” Keep all these tips in mind when selecting a mattress. The right mattress can make a huge difference in the quality of life. Now go out and get some Z’s.

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