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Low Back Pain Self Help Tips

My name is Dr. Lilly Bojic and I am licensed Physical Therapist in state of Washington. I help people suffering from back pain regain their ability to bend, lift, sit and sleep so they can get back to doing the activities that they love. I have a passion for treating low back pain since it has affected my family and I in the past and I know how it feels to suffer with the pain. Today I will share a general list of DO’S and DONT’S for low back pain for those who suffering to find more comfort and ease in their life. 

I hope you find instructions helpful and that they help relieve your symptoms. If your pain persists and you don’t find any relief, give us a call at 425-224-2476 or just walk in at 24007 Edmonds Way, Edmonds, WA 98026. We will take a look and give you more specific instructions on how to make it better.

Self Help Tips for Low Back Pain


  • Activities that decrease or centralize your symptoms
  • Sleep with good posture on a good mattress
  • Take frequent breaks to stretch and walk
  • Keep your spine straight and neutral
  • Use abdominal brace with heavy activities
  • Use lumbar roll for sitting
  • Take one step at the time when climbing stairs. (Step up with your best leg and then bring your other leg up.)
  • Lift with your legs while holding weight close
  • Try heat, ice or topical pain reliever
  • Do Physical Therapy exercises to strengthen your core, mobilize your joints and stretch tight muscles.


  • Sit for prolonged periods of time
  • Bend down to pick up objects with straight legs
  • Slump sit, heavy lift, twist and lift
  • Curve your back with overhead reaching
  • Sit in soft chairs and sleep on an unsupportive bed/mattress
  • Stand on one leg; when dressing, sit down to pull your clothing over your feet and then stand up to pull them up.
  • Lift heavy weights with trunk twisted
  • Get out of the bed with sit-up motion or by twisting
  • Smoke, it slows down your healing
  • Activities that make your symptoms worse or cause pain to travel down the leg