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Medical Fitness: How Is It Different from Personal Training?

Medical Fitness: We give you what you want to get you where you want to be.

A few years ago, I had a client who was a friend of mine named Hope who was suffering from severe knee pain. After her treatment with us, Hope wanted to stay in therapy for strengthening and conditioning.

However, since it wasn’t considered “medically necessary” by her insurance company, I could no longer keep her in treatment. Hope was very disappointed  because all she wanted was to strengthen her knee. In this moment, I felt hopeless because I had no options for my client and friend to give her what she wanted.

It was this situation that helped me create a medical fitness program and call it “Hope Medical Fitness”. I never wanted to be in another situation where I couldn’t give my patients what they wanted. I wanted to give my patients hope after their treatment and not just cut them off because their insurance would no longer pay for them to reach their ultimate goals.

Who is the Medical Fitness Program for?

  • Do you want to be able to climb the mountain, run a marathon, play sports?
  • Do you want to be fast, slim, strong, youthful, energetic?
  • Do you want to have more confidence, energy and endurance?
  • Lose belly fat ? Improve posture? Look leaner and taller?
  • Get back your pre-pregnancy body?

Then the Medical Fitness Program is for you.

Why do we have the Medical Fitness Program?

The cold truth is that most insurances companies do not cover for your care beyond pain. Returning to basic function such as moving from sitting to standing, walking, reaching, pushing, pulling, grooming yourself, or dressing  are the only things they care for and nothing more.

However, very many of my clients hope to achieve more than this.  And some of my clients simply need rebuilding confidence to return to activities they love.

My passion to help my clients reach their goals outside of medical necessity and limitations of insurance based model lead me to create this program. Our goal is simply to help you reach your desire, meet your need beyond pain and injury. We want to help you get stronger, have a leaner body and return safely to sports and exercise after recovering from injury.  

With our Medical Fitness Program, you will get what you need and you will reach whatever goals you want regardless of your insurance coverage. Now, whatever your desire is, we will make it happen!

What you will get with the Medical Fitness Program:

  • Leaner, stronger body, and more energy
  • Renewed sense of confidence and hope
  • Safe transition to sports and activity after completion of injury rehabilitation
  • Performance enhancement, self care education, safe progression
  • Improved coordination and balance/Improved athleticism
  • Fast increase in strength with non traditional movement

Do I really need it? Why can’t I just go straight back to gym, sports or play?

Returning to sports or higher level of activity right after therapy is not recommended without this program. This is the case simply because we observed too many of you getting re-injured by getting back to sports or gym straight after therapy. This bridge program made it easy and safe to build activity without re-injuring yourself. You simply cannot afford not doing this, because re-injury will cost you much more in insurance dollars, as well as suffering, pain, disability, work productivity, and life enjoyment.

Is the Medical Fitness Program going to work for me?

Yes! It works for everybody. If you attend regularly, you will get fast results and reach your goals in no time. And if you are not satisfied with our service for any reason, we have 100% money back guarantee. No strings attached.

How is the Medical Fitness Program different then Personal Training?

This program, unlike Personal Training, is specially catered for your specific needs as a post injury client. You will receive what you need and will be progressed safely in familiar environment with supervision of licensed health care professional who knows you, your specific goals and needs.

How much will the Medical Fitness Program cost?

Price and the length of the program depends of your goals, wants and needs but don’t worry. Our programs are even more affordable than regular Personal Training!

Basic Program: 6 Sessions –> $499

Advanced Program: 12 Sessions –> $799

For limited time, we offer a 20% discount to clients who register 3 days after their D/C.


***What if I reach goals sooner? Great! Sessions are transferable and never expire.

****How long is each session? All sessions are 30-40 min in length depending of your need.

Patient Testimonials:

Knee pain and stress incontinence prevented me from running. After finishing with Physical Therapy, I was recommended to enrol in Medical Fitness Program and this helped me run a marathon for the first time in years! Thank you Lilly PT! -MK, Patient

“Back pain was keeping me off the golf field for years. Physical Therapy eliminated pain and enabled me to walk without pain but golfing is something I really looked forward to doing again. Since golfing is not a medical necessity for Medicare, I registered for Medical Fitness program and the Lilly PT team got me back to playing golf in no time. It was fun, easy, affordable, and way different than previous Personal Training programs I’ve done.” -GH, Patient

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