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Mommy Tummy Makeover

Mommy Tummy Makeover

An amazingly Fast, Convenient & Affordable way to eliminate bulging belly, regain your confidence, and finally fit in your pants.

What is considered Mommy Tummy? (Diastasis Recti or abdominal split)

Childbearing can cause injuries ranging from back pain, to pelvic floor muscle damage, to bone fracture, and nerve injury. Studies indicate that back pain is affecting 77% of pregnant and postpartum women. In addition to this, two thirds of women develop Rectus split (Diastasis) during their pregnancy, leaving them with a stubborn abdominal pooch. Diastasis Recti is a tear in the Rectus abdominis connective tissue casing a bulging belly, resistant to dieting and exercise. Women who have Diastasis are having a hard time regaining abdominal tonus and loosing baby belly despite rigorous exercising and strict dieting.

How common is Abdominal Split (Diastasis) in pregnancy?

It is very common. Two thirds of women develop Rectus split (Diastasis) during their pregnancy, leaving them with a stubborn abdominal pooch.

What Causes Abdominal Spilt in New Moms?

The most common causes of abdominal split and stubborn belly pooch in new moms are: 1) Overstretching of abdominal muscles causing tear in the rectus muscle 2) Overstretching of the abdominal muscles causing weakness and instability 3) Avulsion Fractures 5) Alignment Issues due to hormonal changes 6) Weak core and gluteal muscles, lack of flexibility in hips, increased pressure on abdominal fascia 7) Tightness in hip flexors causing anterior pelvic tilt and excessive pressure on abdominal fascia 8)Incompetency of connective tissue 9) twins or multiples.

Problems Diastasis can cause:

Abdominal split leaves new moms with a stubborn pooch that does not respond to exercising and dieting. All of this is making new moms feel a loss of confidence, frustrated, and unattractive. Connection to low back pain, umbilical hernia, back pain, prolapse, and incontinence is logical.

Physiologically, the problem often stems from:

  • Increased pressure on abdominal fascia
  • Overstretching and weakness of abdominal muscles
  • Poor postural control with anterior pelvic tilt
  • Hip flex tightness
  • Incompetency of connective tissue
  • Twins or multiple pregnancy

When should I worry?

  • If it’s lasting more than 2 months
  • If you’ve tried exercising and dieting but nothing helped
  • If simple sitting and walking makes it worse, laying down on your side or bending down increases it
  • If you are unable to fit in your clothing several months after delivery

When does it become an emergency?

  • If you have pain even without applying pressure on it or doing anything
  • If your belly button protrudes out
  • If you notice a loss of strength in your core
  • If you have back pain
  • If you have bladder incontinence

If you experience any of these symptoms, call us immediately. (425)- 224-2476

Traditional approaches that most try but are not as effective include:

  • “Wait and see Approach” Most women are recommended to not do anything
  • Massage
  • Generic exercises (YouTube, personal trainer)

Most women try kegel exercises or even crunches and sit ups. Diastasis and postpartum back pain require specific training with focus on retraining of deep abdominal musculature, protection, and approximation of Diastases. While exercises can be helpful in some cases, they have to be done correctly and prescribed carefully because not everyone’s situation is the same.

If left untreated, abdominal split can lead to PERMANENT DAMAGE.

Abdominal Split often leads to permanent damage. If it is left untreated, it can cause umbilical hernia, back pain, pelvic instability, incontinence, and prolapse. It can also heal on its own, but will leave a wide, unrepairable scar creating a huge gap in between your abdominal musculature.

Try this test to See If You Have Abdominal Split:

Start by laying down on your back with your knees bent.

Place one hand on your stomach, resting your fingertips on the midline just above the belly button.

Gently press your fingertips into the abdominal tissue while performing a crunch by lifting your head up.

If you feel a hole in abdominal tissue you are having muscle separation.

How to get rid of new mom’s back pain, and baby pooch:

My revolutionary Postpartum Recovery Program helps you reclaim your body, get rid of back pain, leakage, sexual pain, organ prolapse and stubborn belly pooch. It often works in as little as 1 session and depending on the complexity of your condition, it may take up to 6 sessions to fix.

I discovered this solution while working with over hundreds of patients who suffered from abdominal split as a result of childbirth. As I treated their Diastases, their posture improved, baby belly disappeared and they appeared taller, slimmer and more confident. They got back to sports, their relationship improved and social life blossomed.

I did some research and discovered that in the human body everything is linked together. I found that if I normalize abdominal, hip and pelvic floor musculature in a special order and make them strong and healthy, their lower back pain improved very quickly. This caused decreased pressure and eliminated back, SI, and pelvic pain with sitting, standing, exercising and running. It allowed them to get back to an active lifestyle. Finally, decreased belly pooch and made them look slimmer, and taller.

In case you were wondering, it’s all-natural. No drugs. No injections. No surgery involved.

This discovery has led to a dramatic increase in how fast my patients got better. They were able to run, lift their kids, bend, push and pull with no low back pain. Their health and mood increased as they were able to return to running and exercising. They were able to play sports, work and live their life again!

Not all treatments are the same:

Postpartum care takes special training. Personal trainers, Yoga, and Pilates instructors are not trained in handling pregnancy related issues such as Diastasis. Believe it or not, some treatments out there may actually make your condition worse!

My method is highly unique. I focus on approximating, protecting, balancing and healing muscles of pelvic floor, abdomen, hip and the whole body posture. I use cutting edge methods to get maximum results fast.

My years of experience and research has led to the discovery of this revolutionary new way to resolve belly bulge in nearly almost anyone even years after childbirth.

Who are you?

My name is Lilly Bojic, DPT and I am a licensed physical therapist who specializes in pregnancy related issues. I’m also a certified manual expert and have a special interest in helping women recover after delivery and become active, firm, flexible, free of pain and confident again.

What can I expect from this program?

  • Eliminate baby belly (Diastasis)
  • Increase core and hip strength and therefore move better, faster, and easier
  • Improve posture and look taller and slimmer
  • Become more active with safe movement
  • Fit better in your clothing
  • Improve self-esteem and personal relationships

*The complexity of your condition will determine your level of results.

How quickly will I see results?

  • Most feel better immediately. You can expect your belly shape to improve after the very first week.
  • You could see an improvement in posture in as little as 7 days while on this program.
  • Most people are done with the program in 3 months and then continue on their own. Some require a bit more, depending on the complexity of their condition, quality of connective tissue, size, and depth of the abdominal split.

How much does it cost?

  • Because there are so many women who I believe need access to this vital information, I have created a special program to make it extremely affordable for everyone. You don’t need insurance and you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars.
  • The cost is only $299 and the program hardly takes any time. It also requires no visits to a medical office. It is extremely convenient for new moms because it is done from the comfort of your own home.
  • The complexity of your condition will determine how long it will take to heal, but most people get results the very first month, and they love it.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

There’s a 100% money-back guarantee. If it doesn’t work, you can get your money back. There’s no risk.

Even if you have tried other treatments before, this is guaranteed to work or your money back. So, if you tried dieting, exercising, chiropractor, massage, or anything else, you owe it to yourself to try this.

What’s my next step?

As you can imagine, there are a lot of people wanting to start this program. But due to my limited availability, I only have a few spots available at any given time.

It’s only for those serious about getting rid of belly bulge.

If that is you, purchase the program right away to put yourself on the path of healing.

Remember, this is only for you if you are serious about results.

Click Here to Get The Mommy Tummy Makeover Program

What’s included in this Program?

  • A detailed explanation of the ROOT CAUSE of your pain/problem.
  • Detailed body mechanics and postural instructions
  • Self-testing instructions
  • A list of exercises and things you can do at home to start feeling better right away.
  • 25 instruction videos
  • Do and Don’t instructions
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Exercise PDFs with pictures, demonstrations and detailed step by step instructions
  • Detailed instructions on how to use the program
  • Activity Tracker and Exercise Log
  • 24/7 Online support and text support


Is it safe?

Yes. All procedures are FDA cleared and proven safe. I am a licensed Physical Therapist with over 10 years of practice in the state of WA. My license number is PT00010335.


SoftWave Therapy is now available at Lilly Physical Therapy. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.