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How My Friend’s Death Changed My Practice…

There aren’t many things that have influenced me enough to transform the way I practice physical therapy… but this incident did. To this day, I haven’t been the same.

The way I practice, observe things, and educate is much different now.

Here’s the story…

Back in 2005, my friend told me that he was referred to have knee replacement surgery.

I looked at him and asked…”Does it really hurt that much?” He responded, “Not really. But my doctor told me I need a replacement because I don’t have any cartilage left.”

It was hard for me to understand why anyone would go for surgery if the pain is not really bad.

Since my friend had a sarcastic personality, along with Parkinson’s disease, I had a hard time reading his expressions.

I assumed that he was joking with me again, so I brushed the whole thing off.

One month later, I got the news that my friend died from complications related to knee replacement surgery.

His death was very hard for me to accept, and I can’t help but think that if I said something earlier, my friend would still be alive.

Ever since that happened, I take every opportunity I can to talk about the benefits of Physical Therapy. I consider my duty to educate everyone regarding the benefits of the services we provide because we heal people with no injections, drugs or risky surgery.

Physical Therapy is 100% safe and natural and should be the first approach.

Every single day I look for ways to better my practice. One thing that I incorporated into my Physical Therapy sessions is Multifunctional Movements (MFM) with a mission of changing the lives of people of all ages and levels.

Multifunctional movements help you feel peaceful and powerful, both short term and long term. Energizing, powerful, and body revolutionizing movements have been incorporated into each of our sessions at Lilly Physical Therapy.

We have made it our duty to bring excitement to each visit with movements that both benefit and mimic daily functions. Expect to be put through challenging, yet thrilling, kick boxing movements and yoga that helps the body reach true vitality.

MFM (multifunctional movement) utilizes multi-joint and multi-planar exercises to enhance the nervous system’s ability to recruit muscle synergies. Exercises will stimulate the body’s energy lines and neuromuscular pathways for faster results with less effort.

Each individual has their own unique goal with each movement making sessions are personalized with varying levels of difficulty make it so anyone can participate.

Regardless of age or pain level, everyone comes out of their session with a gain of strength, balance, fitness, agility, and confidence.

Educating people about the power of Physical Therapy as a natural and safe solution is my priority. The movements we use at Lilly PT are a combination of yoga and martial arts and it will change your life.

A man named Arthur’s life changed with yoga. Watch his story here.

I want to give others, like Arthur, an opportunity at a second chance at life. So, call my office and schedule a free phone consultation with me today. (425) 224-2476

SoftWave Therapy is now available at Lilly Physical Therapy. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.