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Neck Pain Sequence

Neck Pain Sequence

Despite what you’re led to believe by medical establishments, despite what you’re led to believe by well-meaning healthcare professionals, the solution to your pain DOES NOT have to be risky, painful, expensive, drawn out, hard or complicated. At Lilly PT we use a variety of exercises and stretches to help you heal all naturally without drugs or injections. Go through each level of this neck pain sequence to help your pain improve.

Level 1-

Level 2-

Level 3-

Read this 5 star review we got from one of our amazing patients:

“I have been to Lilly physical therapy three times for a neck and shoulder condition that I have suffered from for 15 years. I had lost most range of motion in my neck and I have been in a lot of pain. After three visits I was able to enjoy a wonderful trip to Paris and was able to walk and enjoy myself. I wish I’d started years ago. Lily is not the first physical therapist I’ve gone to but in one visit I knew I was finally getting the relief I’ve needed. I highly recommend this practice.” -Sally R.

If neck pain is something you suffer from and can’t find relief, you came to the right place. We can help you heal and get back to doing all the daily things you love. We are holding a FREE neck pain and headache workshop on Tuesday, January 15th at 6pm. RSVP here and get your life back.