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Pain Relief Beyond Medication

Pain is an alert system in your body. It alerts your body that something is “wrong”.  While it often happens in response to heal injury and tissue damage, it can also persist even after the injury has healed completely.

Why Isn’t Pain Medication a Solution for Me?

While pain medication can help for a short time, it is not by any means the long-term solution. As I mentioned, pain alerts your body that something is wrong. It is like a smoke alarm telling you that something is on fire. If injury is causing your fire alarm to go off, pain medication will suppress the signal and you will feel more comfortable while healing. However, if you use medication for a long time, you might injure yourself even worse by doing things you wouldn’t normally do because of your alert system being off.

Furthermore, in case of prolonged duration of pain, your nervous system sensitivity will increase and pain circuits will become more efficient and memorized. In result, the pain will become intensified. Now your nervous system is acting like a fire causing the fire alarm to go off. As long as your nervous system is on “fire”, your pain will not get better with pain medication.  This situation requires different approach. Watch this Youtube video on how to heal pain without pain medication.

Why Doesn’t My Doctor Want to Prescribe Me Pain Medication?

Pain medication has side effects and your doctor doesn’t want you to use them for a prolonged period of time to simply protect you from harm. A new law is also obligating your doctor to follow strict rules controlling and limiting pain medication prescriptions. Check out this link to learn more about this new law.

What to Do If Medication Is Not a Solution?

Natural options such as manual therapy, healing movement, relaxation exercises are very efficient in treating pain. Cutting edge technology such as cold laser therapy, electrical stimulation and electromagnetic pulse eliminate pain, speed up healing and depolarize painful nerves. Furthermore, influencing pain modulators (stress, anxiety and sleep) gives successful pain relief with no pain medication. All of these natural healing options including cutting edge technology, sleep hygiene advice, lifestyle modification, nutrition advice, meditation exercises, and manual work are provided in one package at Lilly Physical Therapy, LLC.

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