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Is There a Pinched Nerve Holding You Back?

If you are having back pain with standing, sitting, bending, lifting, and is preventing you from working, taking care of your family, gardening, and making you feel irritable and missing out on your life, this is for you. You might not even realize that some things you do on a daily basis are aggravating your back pain. The pain in your back might be dull and continuous, or sudden and sharp. Either way, you should never ignore your pain because your body is trying to tell you something. I have treated hundreds of people with this condition, and I am confident that I have the skills and knowledge to help you also.

The reason why I’m shedding light onto this problem is because my mother had debilitating low back pain with shooting and burning down her leg. This took her off her feet, prevented her from working, and she was unable to spend any quality time with us because she was in constant pain. She was in the hospital for a month and rehabilitation center for several weeks separating her from her family. This whole situation almost ruined her life, caused her to almost lose her job and affected the whole family. I was in the high school at the time and after seeing my mom suffer for so long, it dawned on me that there must be a better and faster way to heal from this problem. This situation is what inspired me to go into a Physical Therapy profession and become a Physical Therapist myself.

This problem requires hands on treatment such as soft tissue or joint mobilization, revolutionary treatments such as the 830 Laser or BioQPulse, massage, postural correction, strengthening, mobilization of stiff levels and nerve healing. Additionally, sciatica requires techniques to relieve pressure and irritation for nerve to heal. This is important in getting your spine to heal. If you ignore it, you can end up with irreversible damage and permanent weakness requiring risky surgeries.

One quick tip for you to do on your own at home is the hip releaser stretch. I’ll show you how you can do this at my workshop for back pain.

Here’s what one of my patients had to say, “I felt 90% better after my first session with Lilly. I’m so glad I found her.” – Michelle P. (Patient)

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