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Pregnancy Doesn’t Have to Hurt

Being pregnant is such a special time in a woman’s life.  It is the beginning of a new chapter filled with joy, new experiences, and many surprises!  But this special time can also bring about many physiological, cognitive, and musculoskeletal challenges. Hormonal fluctuations influence our muscles, ligaments and joints placing women at risk for pregnancy related lower back pain and sacroiliac or pelvic pain.

Discomfort and disability from lower back pain and pelvic dysfunction can be severe (in 20% of cases) or mild to moderate (in most cases) but it is highly treatable and preventable. Unfortunately, statistics indicate that one in four women who had severe lower back pain during the pregnancy would develop chronic lower back pain after the pregnancy. According to research, risk factors for lower back and sacro-iliac joint pain during pregnancy include history of lower back pain or back or pelvic traumas, poor birth experience and high level of stress and multiparty.

Pregnancy related lower back or pelvic pain can be caused by the dysfunction of joints, muscles, ligaments or nerves caused by postural changes, shearing and compression, overstretching, mechanical tearing or separation. Some painful conditions, just to name few are pubic symphysis shearing or separation, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, coccyx subluxation, facet joint dysfunction, pudendal nerve compression, pirifomis syndrome and sciatica like symptoms.These pregnancy related problems can cause difficulty with sleeping, sitting, walking, bending, affecting your ability to take care of yourself and your family, work and enjoy your life.

The Good News?

The good news is that lower back pain and other pregnancy related aches and pains are highly preventable and treatable.  A study performed in Norway indicated that exercising alone significantly lowers the risk of pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy and exercises coupled with other treatment options can make a big difference.

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Pregnancy does not have to hurt!

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