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Relaxation and the Power of Music

The Power of Music

Each of us live a life full of music whether we realize it or not. We enjoy it at concerts, we sing along to it in the car, we try our best to ignore it while holding on the phone. But have you ever noticed how music can make you feel a certain way such as happy, sad, stressed, or even relaxed? It has actually been proven that music has the ability to affect your mood and your mind.

            The good news is we can all take advantage of this unique link between music and our emotions/bodies to promote relaxation and manage stress. It may seem like common sense, but research shows that upbeat music can help you feel happy and more optimistic about life, while a slower song can help relax your mind and your muscles.

So what exactly are these slower-tempo sounds that can help reduce stress and relax your mind? Studies show that Native American, Indian, and Celtic string instruments, flutes, and drums are some of the most effective at relaxing the mind and body. Also, sounds of nature like thunder and rain are also particularly stress reducing when mixed with other musical genres such as classical or light jazz.

If you don’t like any of the sounds mentioned above, don’t worry. Listening to something you dislike is not going to help you cut out tension, it will only cause it. So, find something soothing and enjoyable to you to listen to instead.

When learning to relax using music you will want to set aside time to actively listen to your soothing sounds. The music shouldn’t be background music as you are doing dishes or getting ready for bed. You will want to have a quiet space and at least 5 minutes of listening to get the full effect of this stress reducing method. You will sit or lay down, close your eyes, take deep breaths, and focus on the calming sounds. You can repeat this process as often as you feel necessary. In no time, your mind and your body will be thanking you. Happy relaxing!

Here are a few examples of relaxing songs and sounds you can find on Youtube:

  1. Spirit Vision- by David and Steve Gordon
  2. The Winding Path- by Kevin Kern
  3. Heaven and Earth Spirits- by Anael and Bradfiel
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