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» The Secret Weapon for Sciatica: Fast Relief for Burning Pain!
The Secret Weapon for Sciatica: Fast Relief for Burning Pain!

If ever the opportunity comes around to bring aboard a treatment that can drastically change the lives of our patients, we do.  This year we have discovered device that dramaticaly speeds up healing by stimulating energy production, blood flow, and collagen production.   We understand that the lives of our patients are important and filled with family, friends and opportunities. This is why we use cutting edge methods and technologies: simply so no opportunity goes missed.

How Bio Q Pulse helps Sciatica?

First of all, this revolutionary device boosts energy production of our cells, reduces tension, pain, irritation, swelling, and drastically improves sleep. But, best yet, it’s all natural and has no side effects!

Our Experience with Sciatica pain healing

When the box arrived with the Bio Q Pulse, we couldn’t wait to put it to use.  I was happy to see that many of our patients had great results within their first visit. We were blown away by the immediate results of one patient who had chronic sciatica pain for over 16 years!  After the very first BioQPulse session, he was able to bend forward and touch his toes pain free. I personally have been specialized in pain related conditions for over a decade and have never seen a device such as this!  

How does it work?

Most of all, it depolarizes nerves, busts up ATP, nitrous oxide and collagen production therefore improving energy levels, circulation, nerve healing and regeneration.  This in result speeds up the healing of your cells at the remarkably fast rate, giving long lasting results.

Most options for healing Sciatica pain are either temporary or dangerous.

Almost all medications, surgeries, and injections are related to risk, addiction, damage and side effects. Merck and Phizer (drug companies) have paid out billions due to their drugs causing strokes, heart attacks, and even death. Finally, some surgeries such us spinal fusion do not bring results and are no longer recommended, approved and covered by doctors or insurance companies.

The problem with inflammation and pain

If you don’t know by now, pain and inflammation makes your body sick and vulnerable to disease. Consequently, it robs you of energy and diminishes your quality of life by causing painful joints, tendons, nerves and muscles. Hence, typical treatments for handling inflammation such us medication and injections are unsafe they are readily available.  Seems like the safe and natural way to handle inflammation is less available and hard to find. Therefore, we are happy to provide our patients with BioQPulse. It is cuttign edge, natural and unique, way to reduce inflammation and stimulate the body’s own healing system.

Why should you try BioQPulse?

  • Takes less than 10 minutes
  • No drugs or side effects
  • Calms the nerves
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Boosts energy
  • Speeds healing

Start feeling better, stronger and younger today! There are not very many treatment options that are all natural with these remarkable benefits for your body. I know that it is primarily for these in pain, or these who lack energy, that is flocking toward BioQPulse. However, even the person with difficulty sleeping, migraines, or even C-section scars can really benefit from this true healing device.

SoftWave Therapy is now available at Lilly Physical Therapy. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.