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Self Care: 5 Tips to Treat Yourself!

“Self care means giving the world the best of you instead of what is left of you.”

You can come to your own rescue this Valentine’s Day and act as your very own knight in shiny armor with steps towards self care. You can do away with conventional notions of valentine celebration and challenge yourself to celebrate your strength, your passion, your resilience, your tenacity, your love, your warmth, your ingenuity and your commitment. Regardless of whatever you have been through, you deserve celebration, adoration and nurture. You deserve to love yourself and emphasize that love. Instead of laying on the couch, gorging on ice-cream, scrolling through your social media feed, and rolling your eyes at every generic Valentine’s Day post, take some time to treat yourself. The fact that you’re still here, and you’re still you is a reason to celebrate! So, if you have given a thought to spoiling yourself this coming valentine, here are things you can do to make it memorable:

Fulfill Your Needs – The thing about many adults is that they are so busy taking care of everyone else, they neglect themselves! Some young people also focus on what other people are feeling about them that they don’t give any consideration to themselves. Make a list of things you need and set out to meet them on this special day.

Treat Yourself – Spending quality time out is one of the best steps towards self care. You know all those fun activities you would have embarked on if you were with a partner? Embark on them all by yourself. Be your own partner and give yourself memorable and pleasant experiences. You’ll thank yourself later in recollection of the nice time you are bound to have.

Take Some Time to Breathe – With how busy life gets, it’s not uncommon to feel like you don’t have time to take a simple breather throughout the day. Planning out your weeks and days accordingly so you have time to take a mental break is key. Meditation, yoga or light exercising are perfect ways to nurture your mind, body and spirit during a break. If you have the opportunity to sneak in a massage, we have you covered at Lilly PT! Read more about the benefits of massage therapy here!

Spend Time with People Who Love You – There is someone out there who cherishes and appreciate you. You may have been disappointed by someone you trust who betrayed you but someone still cares. Surround yourself with such people on valentine day. In some cases, it may not be individuals, it may be a group you belong or an activity you enjoy doing. Give time to it, dedicate your attention to it and blossom around it.

Ditch the Yoga Pants and Actually Get Ready! – Nothing is quite the “pick-me-up” like taking a few extra minutes to get ready for the day. It will boost your confidence and energize you to treat yourself well. It may seem like an ordinary or unnecessary thing to do but once you take a shot at it, it will set the tone of the rest of the day and  rest assured that you will spend it loving not just the way you look, but other things about yourself as well.

If you’re interested in taking a step towards self-love, schedule a massage at Lilly PT! Call (425) 224-2476 to treat yourself today.

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