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Shoulder Pain Sequence

Shoulder Pain Sequence - Multifunctional Movement

If you are not able to reach, sleep on your shoulder, or play sports, Multifunctional Movement will help you become fit, functional, free of pain, and flexible again. At Lilly Physical Therapy we use the multifunctional movement method and we love it! Multifunctional movement engages the body’s natural synergies and nervous system. It uses more muscle patterns that are like everyday movements we do, which makes it very functional. It can be appropriate for all ages as we can cater different levels to the patient’s needs. The exercises are more fun! They bring faster results with less effort. This will help increase confidence and happiness!

Principles of MFM:

  • Always do at your own pace and skill level. There is no one right way to do a movement, only what’s most comfortable yet challenging for you.
  • Make sure you have an adequate strength foundation prior to performing a higher level movement.
  • Never hold your breath during a movement.
  • Always keep your abs engaged by simply “pulling the belly button in toward your spine” during a movement (transverse abdominis).
  • Never force into primary pain. Muscle soreness that might be created from performing a movement is good, but an increase in your primary pain is not.
  • If you have pain before you start, be conscientious of that pain. Don’t do anything to aggravate it. A correct movement will decrease the pain NOT make it worse.
  • Lastly, challenge yourself. Perform movements to the point where you feel at least 40% challenged. If you don’t, you may not gain much benefit from it. But remember, never force into primary pain.

MFM – Level 1

This is level one, and the place you should start out. Watch and follow Troy as he shows each exercise while explaining.

MFM – Level 2

This is level 2 or moderate level for the shoulder pain sequence. Watch and do as Kathryn explains the exercises.

MFM – Level 3

Lastly, this is level 3 of the multifunctional movement sequence. It will be the toughest one, so always modify as you need. Watch this video for examples and explanation of exercises.

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