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Sit Less, Move More!

Physical Activity Helps Relieve Back Pain

Our bodies were created for movement and physical activity. The entire structure of our body proves that it was meant for movement. From our ligaments, joints and muscles, it is clear that movement helps nourish them through blood circulation.

However, the sedentary lifestyle that most of us lead is causing more harm than we realize. This is especially evident in the lifestyle diseases that we are currently experiencing. Additionally, a sedentary lifestyle is known to cause back pain.

Statistically, most individuals worldwide, sit more than they stand or move. This, of course, is sometimes inevitable due to our jobs. Yet, the consequences are still there. The more you sit down, the more pressure you create on your spine and back.

According to Active, sitting places at least 40% more pressure on the spine, than when you are standing up. This pressure causes wear and tear on ligaments, and causes your muscles to overwork. Hence, you experience back pain. From the above statistics, we see that movement is necessary for a healthy back. Let us now look at how exercise and an active lifestyle can help with back pain.

Weight Loss

Obesity and an increase in weight are connected to a sedentary lifestyle. Not only does obesity lead to other lifestyle diseases such Diabetes Type 2, but it also affects your back. Research states that weight can create pressure on your lower back.

The pressure created from the weight put a strain on your back ligaments and joints. Furthermore, the weight compresses the spinal cord, creates a strain on your back muscles as well. Pressure from the weight, plus the gravitational pull can cause a lot of damage to your spinal discs. Hence, you will experience a lot of pain.


Different types of exercise challenge your body muscles and bones. Physical movement and activity increase blood flow throughout the body. The movement of the blood ensures that necessary nutrients are transported to vital organs. This maintains the optimal functioning of body organs and the body overall.

Moreover, proper blood flow reduces tension in the muscles resulting in pain relief. Moreover, it decreases inflammation in the joints and ligaments. Of course, this then increases the ability of the joints and ligaments to repair themselves.

Most research-based facts state that cardiovascular exercises are the best. Exercises such as walking, swimming or even Pilates strengthen the core. They are also known to increase flexibility, which is very important when it comes to improving range of motion.

In conclusion, our bodies were created to move. A sedentary lifestyle does more harm than good in the long run. Exercise and physical activity strengthen back muscles, as well as reduce stiffness in the back area.

Moreover, body movement helps increase the range of motion and mobility. It goes without saying that the endorphins released during exercise, go a long way in alleviating back pain. Endorphins are known as the happy hormones, as they have the ability to impact our mood and relieve pain.

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