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How to Squat with the TRX Band

Squatting with the TRX Band

Many of you have seen the long, funky looking TRX band at the gym and wonder how to use it. I’m a Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist Aide with Lilly Physical Therapy and am going to tell you today how to use this funny looking band for proper squatting. This will not only engage your glutes but also your quads.

First and foremost, you want to have the proper technique for this exercise. You want to create a tension on the ropes with your arms at a 90-degree angle. As for positioning your feet, you want to have whatever feels most comfortable. I like to say wherever your feet land on a simple jump is where your feet should be positioned.

Now you’re ready to start your simple squat. Rock back like you’re sitting down in a chair, as if someone is pushing down on your hipbone and come down to a 90-degree angle. To really engage your glutes, focus on pushing off with your heels when coming up. Keep in mind to breathe in on the way down, and breathe out on the way up. During this exercise, if you get tired, you can always depend on/use the handles attached to the TRX band.

One detail to remember, however, is that you need to have your knees bend out in the same direction that your toes are pointed when you squat down. Your knee is a hinge joint, just like the door hinge to your house. The same way you wouldn’t try to open the door by pulling the door against the direction the hinges bend, you don’t want to force your knees to bend in a direction they don’t naturally glide into. This will keep your knees healthy and happy when you squat.

For a more advanced workout, put your foot in the middle of the two bands and squat down with your opposing foot up (straight if possible). For those who want to advance their workout and work on balance, this is a great workout to do. I’m David Bidner with Lilly Physical Therapy, keep tuned for the next, step by step workout with the TRX band!

At Lilly Physical Therapy we support all types of wellness. Exercises like these not only promote healing but muscle endurance and strength. Call today to start your healing journey or to set up some personal training with David!


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