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The Benefits of Planking

The Benefits of Planking

We’ve often heard of planking as some odd activity individuals do in strange places while lying face down, at least this is what social media has made it seem.  Other modes of social networking have displayed planking as an intense activity filled with sweat and tears in order to achieve the ultimate six pack. While I will not deny either of these notions, planking can actually be a very empowering activity in which awakens the abdominal muscles and fires the shoulders and quads. Therefore, planking every day can be extremely beneficial in improving core stability, posture, and spine support.

The great thing about planks is that it uses your own body weight and can be done practically anywhere. However, if you tried doing a plank while on a flight, in the isle, the air stewardess may be upset. This activity is also great in showing results in a short amount of time!

How to plank

Getting into a plank is like getting into a push up position except instead of being on your hands, you are on your forearms. This is the most common form of a plank but can be altered in many ways. Your elbows should be right below your shoulders. Be careful not to curve or bend the back. The core should be stable with the glutes squeezed and the tummy pulled in so that the body is nicely aligned. The ankles should make a 90-degree angle with the floor. In first starting out in a plank, a good goal would be holding the position for 20 seconds. From there, you can set goals and gradually increase the time with intervals of 10 seconds or even 30 seconds.

Happy Planking!

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