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The Quick Trick To Getting Rid of Low Back Pain

Getting Rid of Low Back Pain

Back pain can attack when you least expect it. The pain can become unbearable, making you feel paralyzed. Even the simplest tasks start to feel like a great challenge; getting up for water, going up and down the stairs, driving, you name it. So what can you do? Today, we’re going to share a quick and easy fix for getting rid of low back pain. What is the back pain all about?

"Two words: hip flexors. Hip flexors, also referred to as iliopsoas, go from the back to the front of your spine and travel down to your hip, hence the easier nickname, hip flexors."

What importance do they have?

You see, all the muscle in your back is from the back of your spine and it goes either up or down. Your hip flexors are the only muscle that connect the front of your spine to the front of your hip, so when this muscle is tight, angry, sensitive, or irritated, it tugs on the spine and does not allow your spine to either string properly or relax properly.

So what can you do?

"Stretching in this situation is a simple key answer with great results."

First what you want to do at your home, gym, studio, or location of interest, is find a structure that is about the height of your knee. Some options include a mat, chair, couch, or bed. Then, you want to put one knee on the mat and the other leg ideally forward while taking as big of a step as possible. The knee up on the mat should be the same side as the back pain. This position will set up the stretch and the large step will help you feel the stretch.

Next, you want to pull in your belly towards the back of your spine and lunge forward with the leg in front (the one off the mat/bed). At this point you should feel a nice stretch in the front of your hip and upper thigh area.

It’s also important to note that at this point, if you feel intense pain in the back of your back, it is because of your belly pull. Make sure you really focus on pulling your spine towards your back. This way, the back of your spine is protected from compression and you are able to get a nice and easy stretch along the front. This technique is fast, simple and easy. I personally recommend a set of two, each for a hold of 30 seconds, three times a day, on both sides. I’ve seen many of my patients get fast pain relief with this stretch because it’s that useful. Stop living with your pain and do something about it. Start stretching today!

PS: You don’t have to be THIS flexible but look at those hip flexors work!

Lilly Physical Therapy will do whatever it takes to get rid of your pain, weakness, and or injury.

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