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Three Ways to Speed Healing Naturally

Three Ways to Speed Healing Naturally

By: Kayleigh M.

Drink Your Body Weight in Ounces

Wondering how to speed up the healing process? Pour yourself a glass of H2O! If this sounds daunting, don’t worry! Water is the most abundant compound in the human body, making it extremely vital for healthy cell and musculoskeletal function. Water does more than hydrate the body; it coats cells, provides fuel for energy production, and maintains a healthy body temperature. These three conditions are required to reduce pain quickly.

Use Coconut Oil and Coffee

Surprised? So were we! Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid, responsible for healthy immune function in the body. Inflammation is snuffed out from the anti-inflammatory benefits of coconut oil! Whether you use it to pan fry vegetables, or replace your oil in a baking recipe, this superfood is a perfect option for anyone looking to reduce pain fast!

Did you know that the highest source of antioxidants in the American diet is from coffee alone? This tiny bean is a major source of rich polyphenols and cell rejuvenating antioxidants that are primed to improve overall health and wellness in the human body. Enjoy it brewed as drip coffee, espresso, or even in dishes! Coffee and chocolate (another antioxidant food) pair well together.

Dynamic Physical Therapy

Naturally, we had to mention the most effective method for improving physical health without the use of medications, needles, or surgical interventions! Over 9 million Americans are currently experiencing better health due to physical therapy sessions, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Physical therapy is so much more than simple, static movements; yoga, kickboxing, pressure point release and dynamic movements are just a few of the multi-disciplinary activities our patients engage in during an appointment. Yoga is a powerful tool in physical therapy to relax the muscles in a non-evasive way. Speed up healing with yoga and physical therapy to tackle it at the source!

Biochemically, your body can heal itself; physical therapy creates the environment for it to occur. For many of us, relief is always a small step away. Integrate your favorite ways to stay centered and build strength with your mind and your body! We are happy to work with any condition, accident, and injury with groundbreaking new practices and tools to transform traditional, static physical therapy into modern and dynamic healing sessions! Call us today to get started!


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