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Are You Tired of Back Pain?

Hello, my name is Lilly Bojic, DPT and I help people with back pain and sciatica regain their ability to bend, walk, sit, stand, sleep with no discomfort, stiffness, burning or weakness. This is important because it allows people to return to work, travel, and engage in family and social life and it speaks to their underlying desire of feeling confident, strong, and independent. I have treated over 500 people with this condition over the last 10 years successfully.

The reason why I’m shedding light onto this problem is because my mother had debilitating low back pain with shooting and burning down her leg. This took her off her feet, prevented her from working, and she was unable to spend any quality time with us because she was in constant pain. She was in the hospital for a month and rehabilitation center for several weeks, separating her physically from her children. This whole ordeal almost ruined her life, caused her to lose her job and affected the whole family. I was in high school at the time and after seeing my mom suffer for so long, it dawned on me that there must be a better and faster way to heal from this problem. This situation is what inspired me to go into a Physical Therapy profession and become a Physical Therapist myself.

My mother is not alone. Millions of people suffer from severe low back pain and sciatica every year. It is very common. It can cause you to lean on a shopping cart while walking through the grocery store. It can take your focus away from enjoying your life and spending time with loved ones. It can make you less capable of doing your work or force you to doing a job you don’t like. It can ruin your travel plans. It can take away your ability to live life, having to rely on others, or to wait for you to sit down for a minute. It can make you deconditioned, weak and depressed, leading to much worse problems and health issues.

Common causes and effects on lifestyle:

Some of the most common causes of this problem are repetitive stress, prolonged sitting, spinal instability, weak abdominal musculature and poor alignment.

What are some conventional treatments and why don’t they work?

A lot of conventional treatments such as drugs, surgery, injections do not work since they aren’t targeting the root of the problem. They can even make injuries worse by masking symptoms so you damage tissues without knowing it.  Corticosteroid injections can cause weakening of structures and tissue tears. Spinal surgeries like spinal fusions are very ineffective, and are no longer recommended.

What does it take to resolve it long term?

This problem requires balancing musculature, alignment correction, core and hip stabilization, mobilization of stiff levels and nerve healing.  Pressure of the nerve and irritated structures have to be relieved for neural structures to heal.

If you are serious about getting better and want to be able to work, play sports and take care of your family again, as well as feel flexible, strong and pain free then read below.

What could happen if you ignore the pain?

You can suffer permanent injury needing surgical intervention or cause irreparable damage leaving you with weakness, numbness, balance issues and even bladder control issues. This kind of damage causes of disability and can several effect your quality life. 

One quick tip:

One quick tip for you to do on your own at home is good posture, hip flexor stretch, core stabilization and nerve glide. I’ll show you how you can learn this and other great exercises to relieve pain in our workshop.

In the meantime, follow these instructions now to get a jumpstart on faster healing:

  1. Things you should NOT do for the next two weeks: bending forward, twisting and heavy lifting with knees straight. Do not smoke and stay away from a sedentary life style.
  2. Be wary of long term pain medication, anti-inflammatory and steroid usesince they can make spinal structures weaker and cause more damage by masking symptoms.

If you are confused about what to do and looking for answers, this is some of what you will learn:

  1. How to do the amazing spinal mobilization, nerve glides and stretching at your own from home.
  2. The #1 thing you need to know about getting back to normal
  3. The treatments you need to avoid like the plague.
  4. The 3 step fastest methods to getting better fast.
  5. The secret no one will tell you (not even doctors).

 Is your back pain preventing you from sitting, bending, or lifting?

Or maybe is the pain making you feel stiff, weak, and incapable of doing things you love?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this low back pain workshop may be a life changing event for you.

Here’s what one of my patients had to say: “I had Sciatica for 16 years and have tried everything and anything. I came to Dr. Lilly with a little hope. I thought I would never get better but Dr. Lilly and her staff re-assured me really fast.  She worked a  miracle and I was able to bend forward and touch my toes by the end of very first session. I highly recommend Lilly Physical Therapy to anybody suffering from low back pain.” (P. M., Sciatica Patient)

If you want to get better quickly, sign-up for my FREE back pain workshop on how to stop the pain and find lasting treatment options. Call 425-224-2476 or follow this link  to get registered now!