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What is New at Lilly Physical Therapy?What is New at Lilly Physical Therapy?

I work hard to bring value to my patients and make them flexible, free of pain and fit. So far patients and physicians love the high-quality care, fast results, and unique experiences that we provide.

Furthermore, we have realised importance of helping you heal on your own terms. This is why we created programs to give you not just fast results but options and flexibility to fit both your budget and schedule. As a result we came up with more cutting-edge programs and out of the box solutions.


1) Time Investment Flexibility

We have one on one, hybrid, VIP, and online options for different financial and scheduling needs. For example, New Mommy Baby Belly (Diastasis Recti) Program has 3 levels ranging from online coaching to hybrid, and VIP. Above all, these program provides patients with affordability and convenience by offering options to fit both financial and time limits.

2) Financial Flexibility

We have variety of financial options.
Even though, we certanly take insurance, we also have plans for high deductible, non-medical necessity, or uninsured patients.

3) Fast and Successful Results

For example, two of our cutting-edge programs give exceptional results.
Urinary Leakage Program has a 100% success rate and results are 50% faster than average. We have the online, hybrid, or one on one program to accommodate patients’ budget and scheduling needs.
Pain with Sex/Vaginism Program pilot program has a 100% success rate. Even more, patients completing the program are healed 4 times faster. Moreover, women are able to resume intimate relationships and engage in family planning activities sooner.
It is our honor and privilege to help you find fast, personalized and successful solutions. We are here to serve.

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SoftWave Therapy is now available at Lilly Physical Therapy. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.