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Why Tape is Sticking Around… Because it Works!

Tape has been a popular tool for many years

Tape has been a popular tool for many years

In the past 10 years, we started to see Kinesiotape becoming more common. We saw our favorite athletes and people at the gym wearing tape on ankles, shoulders, or knees. Kinesiotape is not just a fad, it is here to stick. But what does it do?

There are many different types of taping, both for athletes and everyday support. Flexible, stretchy tape, such as Kinesiotape, is used to support structures, activate muscles, or turn off overactive muscles. Rigid tape such as McConnel/Mulligan tape is used for mechanical correction.

Kinesiotape is very beneficial

Swelling, muscel and joint injury, instability, pain, bruising get better with taping. Furthermore, tapign helps activate muscels, reduce fatigue, increase motion, and assist tissue recovery.

How to do it?

Strips of tape are cut into different shapes, such as I’s, Y’s, X’s, and fans. These strips are applied to clean, dry skin in with a specific amount of tension or pull in a certain direction.

What we use it for?

  • Swelling control or lymphedema: increase fluid flow between cells, lift skin to enhance fluid exchange, regulate temperature, draw fluid correct direction to be flushed out
  • Plantar fasciitis: relax tight tissue of plantar fascia
  • Frozen shoulder: pull shoulder blade into correct glide for shoulder movement, relieve tension on pinched nerves, assist muscles to activate strength
  • Knee ligament injury: provide support to injured structures, relieve pressure from areas of inflammation, assist glide of knee cap into correct direction with movement
  • Diastasis recti: pull abdominal muscles back together after connective tissue split from pregnancy or weight gain, provide protection for abdominal organs
  • Neck and shoulder pain: relax “hunched shoulders”, relief from tension headaches

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