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The Yin and Yang of Movement

The Yin and Yang of Movement

Multifunctional movements help you feel peaceful and powerful, both short term and long term. Energizing, powerful, and body revolutionizing movements have been incorporated into each of our sessions at Lilly Physical Therapy. We have made it our duty to bring excitement to each visit with movements that both benefit and mimic daily functions. Expect to be put through challenging, yet thrilling, kick boxing movements and yoga that helps the body reach true vitality.

MFM (multifunctional movement) utilizes multi-joint and multi-planar exercises to enhance the nervous system’s ability to recruit muscle synergies. Exercises will stimulate the body’s energy lines and neuromuscular pathways for faster results with less effort. Each individual will have their own unique goal with each movement so sessions are personalized and varying levels of difficulty make it so anyone can participate. Regardless of age or pain level, everyone comes out of their session with a gain of strength, balance, fitness, and agility.


Our bodies contain three types of muscle fiber movements: slow-twitch fibers, fast-twitch A fibers, and fast-twitch B fibers. The greatest amount of healing is produced when all three fibers are stimulated simultaneously. Blood flow is increased, endorphins are released, and muscle synergy raises up to fix even your most painful spots. Muscle synergy describes the activation of multiple muscles that naturally work together in daily functions. Instead of one muscle being targeted, multiple are targeted together. Balance is improved as stabilizer muscles are activated while strengthening weaker target spots of pain or injury. The whole body is transformed. Multifunctional movements like kick boxing, punching, kicking and yoga all target the deepest level of healing to leave you enraptured by a sensation of power and strength.

Rejuvenate your daily routine. Lilly Physical Therapy will hand you the keys to unlocking your best self!