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19 Easy Tips to Keeping Healthy!

Easy Tip to Keeping Healthy!

Lazy and healthy? Lazy and fit? These combinations shouldn’t be possible, but they are! Many people these days want to keep healthy and fit but find themselves trapped by either their laziness or abundance of tasks. What if there was a way to manipulate laziness into effectiveness? Ms. Mongkongllite states 19 ways where one can keep healthy without even realizing it at times. They include:

  1. Stocking up on frozen veggies and berries
  2. Watching addictive TV shows and series while on the treadmill
  3. Eating from small plates and bowls
  4. Eating from plates that are a different color as it helps motivate smaller portion size
  5. Preparing healthy grab snacks
  6. Slow cooking
  7. Carrying around a big water bottle
  8. Drinking black coffee before working out to help promote fat burn
  9. Eating protein before working out to build muscle faster
  10. Keeping your beauty products in your locker
  11. Preparing your workout gear ahead of time
  12. Sleeping in your workout gear
  13. Stuffing your meals with veggies and making sure you eat them first
  14. Leaving your blinds open overnight
  15. Preparing your meals for the week in advance
  16. Setting an alarm to remind yourself to go to bed on time
  17. Sleeping in a cooler temperature
  18. Putting your phone on a different setting before bed (do not disturb)
  19. Taking some time everyday to unwind

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