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How to Avoid Common Summer Injuries

How to Avoid Common Summer Injuries

Summer time is the time to relax and embrace the wonderful outdoors. Summer is the
time when you can spread your hands open to feel the sunny sky, and take a walk
around to embrace all that nature has in store for you.

The only downside to getting involved in an outdoor activity is the danger of injuries
resulting from the twist, turns, and falls that occur during activities. However, the good
news is that these injuries can be prevented! Below you are going to see the best ways
to prevent summer time injuries.

Stay Hydrated

A good way to keep the muscles working efficiently is staying hydrated. Good nutrition is also very important in order for your muscles to function smoothly. When your muscles are dehydrated, they lack the tendency to work efficiently, thus, there is a possibility of developing cramps or pulling them. For summer activities that might last up to an hour, always keep a water bottle handy and take a few sips throughout your activities to stay hydrated. Load up on fresh fruits and veggies since they have high water content.

Find a Work-Out Partner

Working out with a friend means you will have more fun, whatever the activity! Having a work out partner also means you won’t be alone, and you will have someone that will be on the lookout for you. A reliable work-out partner also will keep you motivated and reduce the chance of missing your work-outs throughout the week.

Get the Right Equipment

Whatever activities you are involved in, be sure to use the specific sort of gear meant for it, and ensure it takes place in the surface rightly provided for it. Be conscious of having new shoes that guarantee good arch support as well as firm heel support. Some people are comfortable with minimal running shoes, but it does depend on your activity level. People with tendonitis can easily be predisposed by those shoes. Supportive shoes make all the difference in terms of injury prevention, especially if you happen to have flat feet or pronate when you walk.

Stretching Exercises

In the event that your muscles are deconditioned as a result of the long winter, it is very vital that you plan ahead of time in order to avoid joint injuries as well as muscle tears. The best way to prevent muscle aches and pains in the joint is to stretch and warm up before and after each exercise. It is advised that you see your physical therapist for advice concerning the kind of exercises you should carry out. Try this quick whole body warm-up before your work-out.

Be Mindful

When running, it is very important that you are mindful of where and how you run. So many people face the traffic while running, but the thing is, if you always run in one single direction on the road, it means you always land with a foot higher than the other. This increases your danger of tendonitis. Thus, it is better to run on the sidewalk instead of the road. You could do so on a track or find a path that offers diverse curves or hills for

Wear Protective Gear

If you like to get involved in contact sports, it is vital to use protective gear dedicated to that activity. Examples to use this summer include gloves, helmets, shin pads and fitting shoes, depending on the sporting activity.

Proper Body Mechanics

When using equipment, it is vital to be very mindful. During the summer, gardening tends to be a popular activity amongst my patients. When moving heavy objects, it is better to use a wheelbarrow. This will help to prevent pulling or straining a muscle. Be aware of the various techniques for lifting heavy objects in order to avoid back injuries.
Don’t take chances; nobody wants the summer months to pass them by because of an
injury. Be prepared and prevent injuries while you can, instead of spending the summer
stuck on your bed because of it. It is our wish that you enjoy the summer to its fullest,
that is why we are always here to guide you.

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