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Secrets to Preventing Injuries this Fall

Secrets to Preventing Injuries this Fall

By Kayleigh M

Getting physical activity is one of the most important ways to stay healthy (especially during Fall), and playing any sports is a fun way to incorporate movement into your lifestyle!

Many clients that walk into the clinic are suffering from sports related injuries and pain from falls, trips and sprains. Whether you’re icing a swollen knee or healing a painful tear, integrating physical therapy sessions can dramatically reduce the long term effects of a short term injury.

This season, practice smarter sporting and incorporate these tips into your life:

Prevent Exhaustion

One of the most common ways we injure ourselves is from lack of rest during physical activity. It may feel good to run around for hours, but the capacity for injury can triple when you’re feeling tired. Trips and falls are more likely when you’re exhausted. Measure your level of tiredness every half hour, and when you aren’t able to catch your breath it’s time to take the bench for a rest.

Tip: Dehydration is a quick exhaustion killer. Don’t forget your bottle of water!

Take Preventative Care

When you’ve experienced a sports related injury in the past, learning how to prevent future accidents can be an incredible asset. Schedule a shoulder or knee taping in our clinic if you’re prone to injuring a weak joint or limb, practice stretches and exercises prescribed to you by our practitioners, and know your risks when being active outside.

Tip: Ask your PT about specialized exercises to stay protected all season long!

Long-Term Prevention

Most of us are living with injuries from earlier in life that flare up from time to time. Finding the balance between strengthening and resting those affected areas can result in unwanted pain and weakness long term. Seek out a trusted professional or physical therapist to target your injuries and assist in healing the body from the inside out!

Tip: Always share surgical and injury history with your practitioner to ensure that you avoid unnecessary pain in daily life.

Staying active doesn’t have to come with risks. Incorporate these secrets into your Fall routine to stay injury-free! At Lily PT, we combine revolutionary therapies and technology with dynamic movements and forward progression to deliver the highest quality care for every patient with any condition!

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